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16 Minute Cardio Fat Burn: HIIT & Sculpt: No Equipment Body Weight Workout


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Hi Everyone!

Today I have a Full Body Fat Burning Workout for you! This workout takes 16-Minutes Per Round. It’s a great workout for building strength and definition, while also burning fat. This was my second time this week going through this workout.

I did this workout with Jesse, Jayson and Jon earlier this week. We had a personalized Boot Camp, and followed it with a 2-mile Run outside. They were both troopers, and really pushed themselves during the workout. Hopefully they will agree to be in a video in the near future!

Training Jayson & Jon for their first live BenderFitness workout.


They twins (Jayson & Jon) have been wonderful hosts, showing us all over Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our trip has been to short, but I still have a few days off of work to get home and get in some more workouts to share with you all here.

Jesse and I at the Santa Monica Pier with Janell & Jon.

Jesse and I in Hollywood with Jon and Jayson

I hope you like today’s workout! I found it challenging, and effective. Remember to push yourself for maximum reps. You should always be focused on form. If you start to lose form, slow down, or take a quick break, and get right back to it.

I posted an article earlier today. You can check it out here: Lean & Fit: 10 Tricks to Creating a Workout Program & Diet to Achieve Your Fitness Goals. The article has a lot of great information, and addresses some of the main questions people often send to me.

Have fun!


  1. High Knees
  2. Superman Pushup
  3. Squat to Lunge Jump
  4. Temple Tap Abs
  5. Burpee High Knees
  6. Sumo Squat
  7. Frogger
  8. V-Up
  9. Mountain Climbers
  10. Pendulum Squat
  11. Lunge Jump
  12. Spiderman Pushup (or Plank)
  13. Russian Kicks
  14. Side Plank Hip Lift (right)
  15. Side Plank Hip Lift (left)
  16. High Knees

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30 Minutes Cardio of Choice

High Knees

Superman Pushup: Part 1

Squat to Lunge Jump: Part 1

Squat to Lunge Jump: Part 2

Superman Pushup: Part 2

Temple Tap Abs

High Knees Burpee: Part 1

High Knees Burpee: Part 2

Sumo Squat Twist

Sumo Squat Twist



Mountain Climbers

Pendulum Squat: Part 1

Pendulum Squat: Part 2

Lunge Jump

Spiderman Pushups

Russian Kicks

Side Plank Hip Lift: Part 1

Side Plank Hip Lift: Part 2

Ready to Repeat the Workout?


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