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Postpartum & Beyond: Week 4: Workout 24: Tighter Tummy Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is all about the Core. This exercise routine will work your midsection from every angle, to maximize strengthening and core stability. This will help you achieve noticeable results, because you are using all of the muscles of your midsection.

To achieve the best results with this workout I recommend pairing it with 30-Minutes of Moderate Intensity Cardio. That means that during your cardio you could go harder if you had to, but you are glad that you don’t need to.

Week 4 Workout Schedule:

  1. Lower Body Sculpt & Fat Blast: 20 Minutes Per Round + 30-Minutes of Easy Cardio
  2. Interval Cardio Day
  3. Core Sculpt + Moderate Intensity Cardio
  4. Rest Day
  5. Arms & Upper Body + 30-Minutes of Easy Cardio
  6. Rest Day
  7. Full Body Workout + Easy Cardio

Sadly, I missed my cardio when I filmed this workout. We have been trying out using two cameras while filming, so that you can have two different camera angles to see moves from. It worked great, except that my video editing program kept freezing while I was trying to edit! I decided to just post the normal realtime video so I don’t have to keep you all waiting for today’s workout. I am going to try out some new editing programs to see if I can get the hang of integrating multiple camera angles. I’m learning as I go and teaching myself, so if you have any recommendations or techniques to make editing easier let me know in the comments below.

I am really trying to focus on improving the videos, and user experience here at BenderFitness. Let me know what would help you!


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Jesse is on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1 and he posts different sneak peek workout moves so be sure to follow him too!

Buy a Gymboss now. Set your interval timer for 15 Rounds of 10/50. 

1. Quadruped Supergirl-Right
2. Quadruped Supergirl-Left
3. Leg Circles-Right
4. Leg Circles-Left
5. Quadruped Oblique Kicks-Right
6. Quadruped Oblique Kicks-Left
7. Down Dog Reach
8. Side Plank Knee Rotation-Right
9. Side Plank Knee Rotation-Left
10. Prone Windshield Wiper-Right
11. Prone Windshield Wiper-Left
12. Leg Scissors
13. Side Scissors
14. Frog Kick Back-Right
15. Frog Kick Back-Left

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