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Postpartum & Beyond: Week 3: Workout 21: 15 MINUTE BODY WEIGHT HIIT: FULL BODY CARDIO FAT BURN

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Hi Everyone!

Today is Day 21 of my 6-Week Workout Challenge. I have another Interim Throwback workout for you! I have been doing a ton of behind the scenes blog work the last few days, and I am still behind on the actual filming. Filming workouts is just a portion of what it takes to run a Fitness blog/website. I did film a quick stretch Live on Facebook yesterday morning, so I will get that posted here as well, but I do still have two new workouts headed your way.

I mentioned it in a previous post, but our normal camera decided to stop working (in the middle of filming it said “error” and then never turned back on!) In the interim we are filming using my iPhone. The downside is that means I can’t use our tripod to film while Jesse is at work. He has a race this weekend, so I didn’t want to interrupt his training schedule, but we will be back on track with filming, and hopefully I can get a setup going where I can film more workouts during the day.

Either way, two new workouts are still headed your way! You can do 1-3 rounds of this workout. For cardio I recommend pairing this workout with a walk. Nothing crazy, we got in a great week of workouts, and you just got in some great cardio during this one.

Week 3: 

  1. Rest Day
  2. Lower Body-Butt Sculpt Workout + 30-Minutes of Easy Cardio
  3. Core Sculpt (The New Core Workout is Posted) + Moderate Intensity Cardio
  4. Interval Cardio
  5. Arms/Upper Body + 30-Minutes of Easy Cardio
  6. Rest Day
  7. Full Body Workout + Easy Cardio

Have fun with this workout!

PS I am on social media: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness. You can find Jesse on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1

Set your Interval Timer for 15 Rounds of 10/50.

  1. Burpees
  2. Plank Heel Press
  3. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  4. Rotating Side Plank
  5. Burpees
  6. High Knees
  7. Jump Squat
  8. Russian Kicks
  9. X-Jump
  10. High Knees
  11. Mountain Climbers
  12. Down Dog Spider-Right
  13. Down Dog Spider-Left
  14. Temple Tap Abs
  15. Mountain Climbers

Repeat 1-3X



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