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Prenatal Gentle Stretch & Strength Video for Hips & Back: Pregnancy Safe Exercise

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Hi Everyone!

Today I am joined by my sister, Jessica and my niece, Olivia. Jessica is pregnant with her second child, and has joined me for a Gentle Prenatal Stretching & Strengthening Workout. Jessica is currently 30 Weeks pregnant.

You should always check with your doctor to make sure exercise & stretching is okay during your pregnancy. 

This routine is focused on stretching your hips and back. Because of the changes in your body, many women experience pain and discomfort in these areas. Throughout the workout be sure to listen to your body. Don’t push the stretches further than is comfortable. Starting in the second trimester your hormone production of Relaxin increases your bodies flexibility to start preparing you for child birth.

The exercises in this video are designed to decrease pain from tight muscles, and also provide strength through your legs and core to improve your posture and body position throughout your pregnancy. Appropriate posture (which comes from stable core and leg muscles) decreases your risk of Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation).

During this video we end with one exercise completed while lying on your back. For most women it is safe to lie on your back for up to 5-10 minutes during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy (check with your MD if you aren’t sure!) To get up you can roll on your side, and then use your arms to push yourself to a seated position.

If you are not allowed to lie on your back, you can complete the Baby Hug exercise while leaning gently against a wall.

I hope that you find this routine helpful during your pregnancy! I also hope you enjoy the guest appearances of Olivia & Gambit. When you have little ones in the house, working out is a different experience.


  1. Gentle Twist-Left
  2. Gentle Twist-Right
  3. Side Stretch-Left
  4. Side Stretch-Right
  5. Forward Stretch
  6. Seated Side Stretch-Left
  7. Seated Side Stretch-Right
  8. Cat/Cow
  9. Camel Lean
  10. Down Dog
  11. Goddess Squat
  12. Warrior Stretch-Left
  13. Warrior Stretch-Right
  14. Lunge Stretch-Left
  15. Lunge Stretch-Right
  16. Reverse Warrior Stretch-Left
  17. Reverse Warrior Stretch-Right
  18. Baby Hug

Gentle Twist

Side Stretch

Forward Stretch

Side Leg Stretch

Side Leg Stretch



Down Dog

Goddess Squat

Warrior Stretch

Lunge Stretch

Reverse Warrior Stretch

Baby Hug

Cuddle Time!


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