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One Month Cardio and Body Shaping Workout Challenge

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Hi Everyone!

Traditionally today is a day full of resolutions and goals for the new year. My goals are plentiful this year, and I hope that you will join me in achieving them as I start out the month with a brand new challenge. There are three challenge options, you can choose one or two to participate in. 

Last month we did the 30 Day Workout Challenge. The goal of that challenge was to establish a healthy habit, and get in at least 15 minutes of exercise per day for 30 days. I heard from many people that they are excited to start this challenge for the New Year. Challenge option number one is to complete the 30 day challenge, and start out the new year by establishing a healthy fitness habit. 

Challenge Option 1: 30 Day Workout Challenge
If you follow the link for this challenge you will find 60 different home workouts that take between 15-25 minutes. This link explains the challenge and has 30 quick workouts listed: 30 Day Challenge Explained and this link has the new workouts that I completed during the challenge: New 30 Day Challenge Workouts. (*As of the time I am posting this I still have to upload the last two workouts to the 30 day challenge, but they should be up today). 

Challenge Option 2: Cardio Challenge
One of my goals for this year is to incorporate more running into my life, and compete in another half marathon. Cardiovascular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, improves heart and lung function, improves cholesterol, increases muscle mass, and reduces your risk of osteoporosis. 

With cardio it is important to work at your own level and select a type of cardio you enjoy. Options include: running, walking, swimming, jump rope, HIIT workouts, cycling, skiing and more. I have the challenge broken up by minutes or miles. Select whichever is best for you, and then aim to meet your goal for the month. Keep track of this in a monthly calendar  or on your phone throughout the month. I will also be having daily check-ins on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Weekly Challenge Beginners: 100 Minutes of Cardio per week, 400 Minutes of Cardio this Month. This can be broken down any way that you want, but it is equivalent to 20 minutes of cardio 5X per week. You can select any type of cardio you want. 

Weekly Challenge Intermediate/Advanced: 150 Minutes of Cardio per week, 600 Minutes of Cardio this Month. This is equivalent to 30 minutes of cardio per day, 5X per week. 

For all of the runners out there I am including a monthly mileage challenge! If you want to become a runner this year this challenge is also for you! I am including running ranges because it is important to work from your current ability level. You want to build without over-training, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

Beginners: 5-10 Miles per week, 20-40 Miles this Month. Need Ideas to get started? Check Out: Running for Beginners

Intermediate: 15-30 Miles per week, 60-120 Miles this Month. I will be completing the intermediate challenge this month. 

Advanced: 30-40+ Miles per week, 120-160+ Miles this Month. Jesse will be completing the advanced challenge this month. 

Challenge Option 3: Body Shaping Workout Challenge

I have decided to complete in another NPC Bikini Competition. I have not officially selected my competition yet, but I am aiming to compete in late March, so I am starting another 12 Week Bikini Competition/Body Shaping Program. Even if you are not planning on competing this will be a great program to help you improve your strength, endurance and physique. 

You can find my last 12 Week Bikini Competition Program HERE, or you can follow along with me this month in real time as I go through the workouts. 

I will be posting 5 new workouts per week. These are the actual workouts I will be doing to prepare for my bikini competition, and they will all be performed at home. 

Is anyone else excited to start the new year?!?! I want to hear which challenge you are accepting. You can post in the comments below, on Faceboook, Instagram or on Twitter

I will be completing the Intermediate Level Cardio Mileage Challenge, and the Bikini Competition/Body Shaping Challenge. I can’t wait to see who joins me! I encourage you to take Before/After Pictures and measurements as you go through the process. I would love to see your results, and even if you don’t share them with me it is a great tool to see your progress. 


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