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15 Minute Body Weight Interval Workout: Home Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone!

Tonight we changed it up a bit, and Jesse got out from behind the camera and led the workout. 🙂 It’s a high intensity, fat burning workout. This workout uses no equipment, and only takes 15 minutes, but you will feel the burn!

Interval workouts maximize your fat burning capacity, so it is as beneficial as doing steady state cardio for 2-3X as long. Plus, your metabolism remains boosted for hours after the workout. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are on of the best ways to burn fat and maintain lean muscle. 

I hope you guys enjoy Jesse and the workout! See you tomorrow!


All Levels: Max reps during each 50 second interval. Repeat 1-3X. 

1. Frogger
2. Lunge Jump
3. Superman
4. Spiderman Pushup
5. High Knees
6. Heel Tap Squat Jump
7. Hip Lift
8. Leaning Pushup
9. Bicycle Abs
10. Mountain Climbers
11. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (right)
12. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (left)
13. Pendulum Squat
14. Running V-Sit
15. Burpee

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