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Abs and Legs Workout: Low Impact, No Equipment, 16-Minutes + Optional 4-Minute Cardio Burn

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! This is a fun throwback workout. Today we will be doing exercises for the core, glutes, thighs and calves. This quick workout, will only take 16-Minutes per round. This routine is Low Impact, so there isn’t any jumping. It’s still very challenging and effective.

I also posted a quick Tabata cardio burn. It only takes 4-Minutes per round, and uses plyometric exercises. It’s a great addition for anyone who wants to add some cardio to today’s routine, but doesn’t have time for a longer workout. I love the short, intensity of Tabata workouts.

If you do both of the posted workouts today, you will get in a fantastic 20-Minute workout. You can repeat everything up to 3X, or get through it once and call it a day.

Keeping Busy:

We had a crazy busy holiday weekend. I will be filming a new workout tonight, and sharing it here soon.

I’ve been filming a new workout series for the subscription site I will be launching soon. The new workout program has me feeling strong. I’m excited to share it with everyone. I’m working out the balance of my filming schedule to make sure I am still filming and sharing workouts here, as well as building the new workout program.

Feeling Strong:

Being more consistent with my workouts has made huge improvements in my energy level. I’m feeling strong, healthy and not like I am constantly battling fatigue. It’s amazing how much movement benefits the body and mind.

The Value of Sleep:

One thing I do need to prioritize is getting a good night of sleep. I’m not sure if there is some type of growth spurt that happens around age 3, but my daughter has suddenly started waking up in the night. Combine that with getting to sleep too late, and still waking up early, and I know I need to get my sleep back on track. My energy has been much better, but I want to keep it that way. Sleep impacts everything, and I function best on a full 8 hours of rest.

So this week our bonus challenge is: practice good sleep hygiene. Turn off devices before bed and remove them from your bedroom if possible, get to bed at a consistent time, keep your room dark and at a comfortable temperature.

Do you have any other good sleep hygiene habits to add? I like to listen to a meditation at bedtime (which does mean my phone stays in my room), and do stretching before bed.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout(s). Let me know how it goes!


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The Workout:

  1. March and Kick
  2. Single Leg Pendulum-Right
  3. Single Leg Pendulum-Left
  4. Kneeling Leg Rotation-Right
  5. Kneeling Leg Rotation-Left
  6. Tip Toe Chair Walk
  7. Figure 4 Pulse & Press-Right
  8. Figure 4 Pulse & Press-Left
  9. Cat Bow Series-Right
  10. Cat Bow Series-Left
  11. Spiderman Sweep
  12. Half Leg Lift
  13. Temple Tap Abs
  14. Criss Cross Legs
  15. Plank to Updog
  16. Core Wiggle

Repeat 1-3X

Bonus Cardio Burn:

Interval Timer Set for 8 Rounds of 10/20. 

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Switch Kicks/Russian Kicks
  3. Lunge Jumps
  4. Speed Skater


Photo Tutorial:

March & Kick Part 1

March & Kick Part 2

Single Leg Pendulum: Part 1

Single Leg Pendulum: Part 2

Kneeling Leg Rotation: Part 1

Kneeling Leg Rotation: Part 2

Tip Toe Chair Walk: Part 1

Tip Toe Chair Walk: Part 2

Tip Toe Chair Walk: Part 3

Figure Four Pulse Press: Part 1

Figure Four Pulse Press: Part 2

Cat Bow Series: Part 1

Cat Bow Series: Part 2

Cat Bow Series: Part 3

Spiderman Sweep: Part 1

Spiderman Sweep: Part 2

Half Leg Lift: Part 1

Half Leg Lift: Part 2

Temple Tap Abs: Part 1

Temple Tap Abs: Part 2

Criss Cross Legs

Plank to Updog: Part 1

Plank to Updog: Part 2

Core Wiggle: Part 1

Core Wiggle: Part 2

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