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10-Minute Glutes and Thighs Workout

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! This is an amazing glute workout that uses exercises that have been scientifically proven to strengthen your glutes and thighs, and sculpted lean muscle.

Workouts don’t normally make me sore, but my glutes have been feeling these exercises for the last two days. I woke up yesterday and didn’t notice any fatigue until I walked downstairs later in the day. Today, I still feel that soreness. I am very quad dominant (the front of my thighs like to try and take over during a lot of exercises) so I really like that this workout helped me to load and activate the glutes.

I used two 20-lb dumbbells during this workout. You should choose weights that will be challenging for you, but that you can also complete the exercises with good form. All of these exercises can be completed with body weight only. So if you are just getting started with building glute strength, or you don’t have equipment you can build up to using dumbbells to add resistance.

I put a scarf on the edge of my chair to decrease pressure on my low back. When using your chair, make sure it isn’t going to move around for any of the exercises. You can brace it against a wall or on a mat. You can use a lower step or stair for the step ups, and you can use a couch for the glute bridge/hip thrust.

Bonus Cardio: Treadmill Walking Workout

I paired this workout with a 35-Minute Incline Walk on the Treadmill. This is the workout breakdown:

5-Minutes: Speed 3.0, Incline 10
15-Minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 12
10-Minutes: Speed 4.0, Incline 12
5-Minutes: Speed 4.0, Incline 2

It was a great cardio workout that got me sweaty, but didn’t feel too intense. If you try it out you can adjust the speed to match your walking pace. Effort wise it felt like about a 5/10 intensity. I haven’t been consistent with any type of cardio workouts in quite some time, but I am really enjoying the process of re-building and adding cardio back in.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout. I will definitely be repeating this workout in the future. I might even add it into my routine once per week for the next month or so, because I am really focusing on re-building strength in my lower body.

Let me know how the workout was for you and if you had a favorite exercise! How many rounds did you get in?


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The Workout:

The Breakdown:

Equipment: Dumbbells and a Sturdy Chair or surface you can step up on safely.

  1. Step Up with Kick Back: Right
  2. Step Up with Kick Back: Left
  3. Side Step Up: Right
  4. Side Step Up: Left
  5. Glute Bridge/Hip Thrust
  6. Squat Rotation: Alternating Sides
  7. Warrior Deadlift: Right
  8. Warrior Deadlift: Left
  9. Around the World: Right
  10. Around the World: Left

Repeat 1-3X

*I did one round paired with a 35-minute Incline Walk earlier in the day.

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