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25-Minute Low Impact, Full Body Burn Workout: No Equipment, No Jumping Exercises

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a brand new BenderFitness workout. Today’s workout is an amazing Low Impact (no jumping) workout routine that will take 25-Minutes to complete. We are working the full body today. This is a No Equipment Workout so all you need is a little bit of space and a yoga mat.

What are the benefits of Low Impact exercises?

There are several! You have less chance of getting injured, it can be easier to get yourself going when you aren’t motivated to workout (when you’re tired just thinking of plyometric workouts can make you feel more tired), they are great for mobility, and you can still get in an amazing workout. You can also do Low Impact workouts on a daily basis.

A little workout help from Gambit the cat.

Every human body is different, some people recover from HIIT workouts with plyometric exercises more quickly (and can do those types of workouts more often) and others experience more muscle soreness, fatigue and require longer recovery. Using both HIIT and LIIT workouts can help you to stay more consistent in your workout routine without over doing it. Even if you stick to just Low Impact workouts you can have a significant impact on your overall health, wellness and fitness level. You can still push yourself for maximum repetitions, you can still get in cardiovascular benefits, but it’s less impact on your joints.

If you love this workout, you might also enjoy THESE Low Impact Exercise Routines. Low Impact isn’t code for easy. They will still challenge you and make you stronger. You just doing have to do tons of jumping during these routines.

One thing I really liked during this routine: I felt a major burn in my shoulders and arms. Body weight exercises for the arms and shoulders can be super effective, and this routine incorporates some great ones.

It has been great sharing new workouts with you all. I hope you’ve enjoyed the new content we are putting up and that you find this workout challenging and useful. I would love to know if you had any favorite moves from this routine, and if you have any workout requests for videos you would like to see.

Have fun & check back soon for more new workouts!


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Interval Timer: 25 Rounds of 10/50
Total Workout Time: 25 Minutes

  1. In/Out Squats
  2. Zombie Kick
  3. Chair Rotation: Right
  4. Chair Rotation: Left
  5. Single Arm Reverse Plank Crunch: Right
  6. Single Arm Reverse Plank Crunch: Left
  7. Super Swim
  8. Temple Tap Abs
  9. Tricep Pushups: Right
  10. Tricep Pushups: Left
  11. Walk the Plank
  12. Cactus Squeeze
  13. Warrior III Taps: Right
  14. Warrior III Taps: Left
  15. Pendulum
  16. Standing Leg Circles: Right
  17. Standing Leg Circles: Left
  18. Knee to Knee Leg Extension: Right
  19. Knee to Knee Leg Extension: Left
  20. Beast Knee to Elbow
  21. Knee Drop Plank
  22. Stir the Cauldron
  23. Elbow Tap Side Plank: Right
  24. Elbow Tap Side Plank: Left
  25. March it out

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