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4-Min Workout: Tabata #4 of 4

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Tabata Workout #4! I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick workout journey, and used it to help yourself to get in a workout on a day when you might not have otherwise. You will find the real time workout video below, as well as a photo tutorial for each exercise.

On the days of struggle, where it’s difficult to make time for yourself and your health, remember that even a little bit of movement is progress in the right direction. Your health is worth it. Yes, this might only be 4-minutes of exercise, but it’s a fantastic four minutes and it’s going to help you improve your health, fitness and endurance.

With this format the intervals are short enough that you can really push yourself. So you can workout quite intensely, despite the short total length of each round of exercise.

If you would like to pair this with another workout, I recommend this: 12-Minute Dumbbell Routine or my 15-Minute Abs Workout. I love the flexibility of these quick routines, because it really lets me customize my workouts. Since having children, my time is at a premium and I have to make the most of my workouts in the shortest amount of time.

How to Stay Consistent with your Workouts: Assess Your Schedule:

One of the hardest parts of getting in consistent workouts is making it a part of your normal schedule and routine. The first step of accomplishing this is to take a realistic look at your schedule. Is your morning most accessible, or your evening? Do you have enough time to get in a quick workout on your lunch break?

Where are you losing time in your day? Does doom scrolling cause you to procrastinate? Most of us engage in some form of procrastination that can inhibit us from achieving our goals. It’s important to take a realistic look at those habits and figure out where we can make positive changes.

Some people are already at their maximum time expenditure: This doesn’t apply to most people, but some people are working three jobs, caring for a family member, balancing medical appointments, etc, and they write to me asking how little they can safely sleep so they can still get in a workout. Sleep is necessary for your overall health, and so is movement and exercise. If the above sentence describes you and you are at the complete maximum end of your time and energy expenditure: give yourself some grace. If you can fit in one four minute round of exercise and that helps you feel better and healthier, excellent! If you can’t, remember sleep is necessary for your health, too.

There are some services available to caregivers, and programs such as respite care, and those options may be worth exploring if that applies to your situation. Whatever your situation is, take a realistic look at your time and don’t be afraid to start small. We have workouts from 4-minutes up through 60-minutes available here. So you can mix and match to fit your needs.

How do you feel about the short workouts? Have you enjoyed them or do longer routines work best for you?


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Interval Timer: 8 Rounds of 10/20
10-seconds Rest, 20-Seconds Maximum Repetitions

  1. Surfer
  2. Chair Hops
  3. Plie Jumps
  4. Uppercut Flurry


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