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60-Minute Yoga Flow for Strength, Mobility, Balance and Flexibility

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Hello Everyone!

Today’s workout is a wonderful yoga flow that focuses on building strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. We will be using a variety of poses to move our bodies through a range of motion for each joint. You will find the full length yoga flow video below.

As always, its important to listen to your body during your yoga flow. Go where your body allows. Challenge yourself without forcing anything. Every human has different areas of tightness or mobility and flexibility improves with practice and time. If a particular pose feels difficult or easy thats okay. Yoga moves our bodies in ways we aren’t used to and it can increase our awareness of areas that might be tight or stiff.

Chair pose with heels lifted.


Meditation is a powerful tool for improving focus, calm and mental clarity. My yoga students usually tell me that they get as much (or more!) out of the meditation practice as they do the physical postures of each yoga flow.

If you are just starting out with a beginner meditation practice its not uncommon to have monkey brain. That means your thoughts jump from place to place and your are just following them around. Through practice you realize that you don’t have to engage with every thought that pops into your mind. This is a powerful tool for focus, but it does take consistent practice to develop.

I recommend ending this flow with a meditation. You can meditate on your own or with this free meditation from Insight Timer:

I hope that you enjoy today’s yoga flow. I have more new workouts headed your way. Let me know in the comments what type of workout you are most excited to see next. If you haven’t tried my newest 12-minute Dumbbell Workout be sure to checkit out here:

I would love to hear how today’s yoga flow went for you, so feel free to comment with your thoughts. The best way to help keep BenderFitness going is to like, comment, share and subscribe. So if yiu can do any of those things we greatly appreciate it.

See you soon!


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