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16-Minute Total Body Workout: Low Impact, No Equipment Exercises

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout. This is a full body, low impact routine. We will be on the mat for the whole workout, so no jumping or climbing up and down. Even though this routine is low impact, it should still be challenging. We are working on a lot of strength and dynamic mobility.

This routine starts with a focus on working the butt, hips, thighs and calves. Then it moves into a core section. Finally, we finish with a quick body weight arm workout.

Exercise and Workout Updates

I filmed this video as a facebook live last week. I’m planning to do more live events so be sure to keep an eye out on social media. I have also been posting a lot workout tutorials on Pinterest as part of their creator rewards program, so be sure to follow me and save those new workouts! They are quick and can be complete for time or reps. When you save and share, it’s a huge help.

I have been utterly exhausted lately. My youngest child is in a phase of waking in the night multiple times. Even when she gets back to sleep I often struggle to fall asleep again quickly. We are trying a new sound machine so hopefully that helps and I can get my energy back up. It has impacted my workouts, and my energy for filming. As a result I’ve been doing more small exercise routines and movements throughout the day. Some core here, squats there, the Pinterest tutorials are my mini workouts, and I plan on eventually filming them as full length workouts as well.

Some people can function for a while on very small amounts of sleep. I’m not one of them. Sleep and nutrition are key components to a well rounded fitness routine. I feel best when all three of those aspects are balanced.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. Let me know in the comments what you thought. Like, Share and Comment. Those three activities help keep BenderFitness free.

See you soon with a new workout,


(photo below from a recent bridal shower I helped host for my sister. I wear non-workout clothes every once in a while!) 

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The Workout:

Equipment: Mat or comfortable space to workout.

  1. Tip Toe March
  2. Kneeling Tap & Glide: Right
  3. Kneeling Tap & Glide: Left
  4. Kneeling Leg Lift: Right
  5. Kneeling Leg Lift: Left
  6. Leg Series: Right
  7. Leg Series: Left
  8. Full Core Extend & Tap
  9. Flying Bug
  10. Rocking Scissor: Right
  11. Rocking Scissor: Left
  12. Prone Heel Tap with Scapular Squeeze
  13. Tricep Pushup: Right
  14. Tricep Pushup: Left
  15. Prone Arm Pulse

Do once or complete up to 3 Rounds!

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