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15-Minute Full Body Workout with No Equipment

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a fantastic total body workout, that requires no exercise equipment. This full body routine will work all of your muscles. I hope you are ready to make a healthy decision and get in an amazing workout! You will find the workout video and photo tutorial below.

We have some fun new exercise moves in the routine today. If you have a favorite let me know in the comments below so I can be sure to bring it back for future workouts.

This workout can be done on it’s own, stacked with another workout or paired with a run. I finished the workout with a 3-mile run. In the video I said that I was going to top off this routine with a 1-mile run, but I felt fantastic once I got moving so I opted to keep running.

Goal Getting and Setting

Each week I like to set my goals on Sundays and check in with my progress on Wednesday. Over the weekend I review what I did and think about my goals for the week ahead. The mental check points can help me stay on track or get back on track if I’ve had a few off days. One of the goals that I set for myself this week was adding 3 Runs into my workout schedule. So far I have done 1/3.

A friend shared the quote pictured above: “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

This is probably the most important part of developing healthy habits. It’s not about perfection, or never missing a day. It’s about your overall consistency. It’s making the decision to show up again even if you’ve missed a week straight (or longer!) of working out and eating nutritious meals. Those things are small moments in the course of your life. You need to consistently and routinely make healthy decisions. Every small decision counts, and that creates big progress.

Be kind to yourself as you create these habits and KEEP COMING BACK.

Do you have a trick or tip that helps you stay consistent? Share it in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed today’s workout.


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The Workout:

Workout Breakdown

  1. High Knee Skip
  2. Kneeling Reach: Right
  3. Kneeling Reach: Left
  4. Plank to Crab: Right
  5. Plank to Crab: Left
  6. Goddess Heel Lift
  7. Single Leg Chair to Warrior III: Right
  8. Single Leg Chair to Warrior III: Left
  9. Cheek to Cheek Plank
  10. Crunch to Single Leg Bridge: Right
  11. Crunch to Single Leg Bridge: Left
  12. Plank Crunch
  13. Clam: Right
  14. Clam: Left
  15. Butterfly Bridge

Repeat for up to 3 Rounds

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