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Total Body, No Equipment: 30-Minute Home Workout with Cool Down Stretch

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Hi Everyone!

Let’s get our week started right, with a new Total Body Workout. This no equipment workout can be done anywhere. This routine can easily be transitioned into a Low Impact workout by substituting Marching in Place for High Knees.

We have some fun and challenging new workout moves, interspersed with some BenderFitness classics. So let me know in the comments if there is a move that you definitely want to see return in a future workout.

Remember to push yourself for maximum repetitions with good form! It’s fine to get sweaty and out of breath during your workout. In fact, that’s the zone you want to push yourself too. Varying your intensity during your workout will help you push through any plateaus as you continue to progress your fitness journey.

My Kids Photobombing Me.

New Workouts This Week:

This week’s workout schedule is being shifted a bit. Instead of Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: this week I am posting workouts Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Everything has been pushed back because I am working with a new video editing program. I’m learning new things (like adding a timer to each segment of the workout), but the editing, processing, upload, etc. process is taking me much longer.

So I apologize in advance if I have to shift this week’s schedule any more, but I think that gives me enough time to work on the videos and get them uploaded. Hopefully as I become more familiar with the program I will become more efficient at the video editing.

I hope you all enjoy the workout! Let me know what you think!


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The Workout:

Set your interval timer for 20 Rounds of 35/50.

  1. Lateral Stretch to Elbow: Right
  2. Lateral Stretch to Elbow: Left
  3. Knee to Chest Squat: Right
  4. Knee to Chest Squat: Left
  5. Leg Extension to Elevated Squeeze: Right
  6. Leg Extension to Elevated Squeeze: Left
  7. Monkey (Pike) Pushup
  8. Beast Rotation: Right
  9. Beast Rotation: Left
  10. Reverse Table Squeeze/Stretch: Right
  11. Reverse Table Squeeze/Stretch: Left
  12. Tricep Push-up: Right
  13. Tricep Push-up: Left
  14. Temple Tap Abs
  15. Single Leg Reach: Right
  16. Single Leg Reach: Left
  17. Prone Scapular Glide
  18. Prone Heel Press
  19. Hip/Elbow Tap: Right
  20. Hip/Elbow Tap: Left

Cool Down Stretch

Photo Tutorial:

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