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Total Body Sculpt Workout #1: No Equipment Home Exercises

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Hello Everyone,

I have a wonderful, no equipment, full body workout video to share with you today. The full length workout video, and the photo tutorial are posted below.

I filmed this workout for my Body Sculpt class. Normally I teach this class as a live, in person workout. However, with social distancing measures in place we transitioned to an online workout format.

This workout will take 40-minutes, and combines cardio with strengthening and sculpting exercise moves. It’s a wonderful all around workout for your entire body. We are working each muscle group, and utilizing plenty of compound exercises to maximize the effectiveness of the workout.

This was my first long cardio/full body HIIT workout, since giving birth to my daughter 6-weeks ago. It was challenging for me, and I have a lot of strength building and endurance training to do to regain my fitness level. Due to the Stay at Home orders to reduce the impact of Covid-19 I am moving way less than normal. It felt amazing to finally get in a great, sweaty workout.

I am trying to stay more active throughout the day, which is challenging because I spend a lot of time holding and nursing my daughter. Being fully cleared for exercise has me feeling much better mentally and physically.

I’m also doing my best to make sure that my son gets in plenty of physical activity. It’s still cold and rainy where we live, so we haven’t been able to get outside much. We have been getting creative with some fun workouts, that are still appealing to a three year old.

Staying Active with my son. Mommy and me Yoga.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! I have been posting workout ideas on my Instagram and Facebook pages to keep kids busy. If you have more ideas, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Have fun, and let me know what you think of the new routine, and the longer workout video!


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  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Lunge Kick-Right
  3. Lunge Kick-Left
  4. Standing Leg Abduction with Arm Cactus-Right
  5. Standing Leg Abduction with Arm Cactus-Left
  6. Rotating Push-ups
  7. Double Jab
  8. Goddess Elbow Tap
  9. Tricep Pushups-Right
  10. Tricep Pushups-Left
  11. In/Out Squats
  12. Lunge Jumps
  13. Squat Pulse or Hop
  14. Warrior III-Right
  15. Warrior III-Left
  16. Angel Abs
  17. Side Plank Leg Lift-Right
  18. Side Plank Leg Lift-Left
  19. Bird Dog-Alternating
  20. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  21. Kneeling Hip Tap-Right
  22. Kneeling Hip Tap-Left
  23. Butterfly Glutei Bridge
  24. Clam Lift-Right
  25. Clam Lift-Left
  26. Down Dog Heel Press-Right
  27. Down Dog Heel Press-Left
  28. Flat Back to Chair
Jumping Jacks
Lunge Kick-Part 1
Lunge Kick-Part 2
Rotating Pushups-Part 1
Rotating Pushups Part 2
Double Jab
Goddess Elbow Tap-Part 1
Goddess Elbow Tap-Part 2
Tricep Push-up-Part 1
Tricep Push-Up Part 2
In/Out Squats-Part 1
In/Out Squats-Part 2
Lunge Jump
Squat Pulse or Hop
Warrior III
Angel Abs-Part 1
Angel Abs-Part 2
Angel Abs-Part 3
Side Plank Leg Lift-Part 1
Kneeling Hip Tap-Part 1
Bird Dog
Reverse Plank Leg Lift
Clam Lift-Part 1
Clam Lift-Part 2
Kneeling Hip Tap-Part 1
Kneeling Hip Tap-Part 2
Butterfly Glute Bridge: Part 1
Butterfly Glute Bridge: Part 2
Down Dog Heel Press
Flat Back to Chair-Part 1
Flat Back to Chair-Part 2
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