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Total Body Sculpt #6: Fantastic, Full Body, Standing Workout

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Welcome to Total Body Sculpt Workout #6.

This is a fantastic and effective full body workout. If you have dumbbells, grab them. If you don’t own dumbbells, you have two options: do the exercises with body weight or grab some water jugs, or something from around the house to add a little bit of resistance to your workout.

This entire workout is completed in standing, so you won’t be getting up and down. Try to keep your transitions quick between the cardio and each movement, so that you are maximizing the results.

You will find the full length workout video and the photo tutorial for each exercise below.

Maverick was happy when we finished filming. He wanted to draw on the dry erase board.

Choosing the Right Amount of Weight for your Dumbbells:

How much should your dumbbells weigh? The number is going to vary for everyone. You want the weights to be heavy enough that your last 2-3 reps are a struggle, but you are able to complete them with good form.

Heavier weights are fantastic for building muscle. For muscle building you want to max out around 8-12 reps. For strength/endurance you should max out around 15-20 reps.

There are formulas for determining your 1-Reps Maximum. Knowing that number can help you select the right amount of weight for your workouts. Remember, it will be different for different muscle groups.

For the sake of this video, I used two light weights to add a little bit of resistance, but it wasn’t enough for me to ever max out my reps. Next time I will be using a heavier dumbbell.


Veggie Power Bowl: Brown Rice, Chickpeas, carrots, pepitas, kale and peanut sauce. It’s even better with some avocado, but I ran out.

Focus on adding more vegetables into your meals. When you focus on having the largest part of your meal being vegetables, you are adding a lot of nutrient dense foods into your diet.

Frittata, with a side of Green Beans and Kale.
Frittata: Butternut Squash, Spinach, Tomato, Onion, Ham and Feta.

I hope you enjoy the workout! Keep an eye out for Total Body Sculpt Workout #7 soon.


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Interval Timer Set for 28 Rounds of 35/50.
Equipment (Optional): Dumbbells

  1. Warrior III Squat: Right
  2. Warrior III Squat: Left
  3. Chair Twist
  4. Sumo Squat: Right
  5. Sumo Squat: Left
  6. Plie Squat
  7. Pendulum Squat
  8. Warrior Heel Press (Optional Row): Right
  9. Warrior Heel Press (Optional Row): Left
  10. Forward/Backward Lunge (Optional Curl): Right
  11. Forward/Backward Lunge (Optional Curl): Left
  12. Side Lunge (Fly): Right
  13. Side Lunge (Fly): Left
  14. Goddess Reach
  15. Chair Step
  16. Figure 4 Press: Right
  17. Figure 4 Press: Left
  18. Double Lunge Hop: Right
  19. Double Lunge Hop: Left
  20. Warrior II Reach: Right
  21. Warrior II Reach: Left
  22. Table Kick: Right
  23. Table Kick: Left
  24. Goddess Twist
  25. Wood Chopper: Right
  26. Wood Chopper: Left
  27. Forward Kicks
  28. Sumo Twist
Warrior III Squat: Part 1
Warrior III Squat: Part 2
Chair Twist: Part 1
Chair Twist: Part 2
Chair Twist: Part 3
Sumo Squat: Part 1
Sumo Squat: Part 2
Plie Squat: Part 1
Plie Squat: Part 2
Pendulum Squat: Part 1
Pendulum Squat: Part 2
Warrior Heel Press with Row: Part 1
Warrior Heel Press with Row: Part 2
Forward Backward Lunge with Curl: Part 1
Forward Backward Lunge with Curl: Part 2
Forward Backward Lunge with Curl: Part 3
Side Lunge Fly: Part 1
Side Lunge Fly: Part 2
Goddess Reach: Part 1
Goddess Reach: Part 2
Table Kick: Part 1
Table Kick: Part 2
Double Hop Lunge: Part 1
Double Hop Lunge: Part 2
Warrior II Reach: Part 1
Warrior II Reach: Part 2
Goddess Twist: Part 1
Goddess Twist: Part
Forward Kicks
Wood Chopper: Part 1
Wood Chopper: Part 2
Sumo Twist
Workout Stats
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