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40-Minute Total Body Workout: No Equipment, Great Results! Fit Pregnancy-Low Impact Exercise

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! You will find the real time workout video and photo tutorial below.

This is a fun, total body workout routine. You don’t need any equipment, so you can do this workout anywhere. I’ve done it at home, and I taught this workout in my group Body Blast class.

If you want to amp up the workout intensity you can do so by adding some resistance bands or some dumbbells to some of the exercises.

Remember, exercise is about challenging your individual body. So the right modification for you, is the one that is challenging but doable. You will progress to the more difficult modifications with time and consistency. You should also be learning to listen to your body, and recognize when some of the low impact modifications are best for you.

I can’t wait to be back to full steam, once I am cleared to workout again postpartum, but in the mean time I am modifying everything from my Cardio Workouts to HIIT, LIIT, and Yoga. It’s a great way to remind myself to check in with my body, and stick to the things that are going to contribute to my overall health and well-being.

Cardio Workout:
1 Mile Run 5.5 MPH
.5 Mile Walk 4.0 MPH
1 Mile Run 5.5 MH
1 Mile Walk 4.0 MPH

I am almost 27-weeks pregnant, so I am working out at Moderate Intensity. That means that I can talk throughout my workout. It’s totally fine to sweat and breath more quickly, but I make sure that it’s still a talking effort. If you are not pregnant, you can push yourself to a higher intensity effort, think 8-10 effort on a scale of 1-10. Breath heavy, sweat and push yourself.

My pregnancy has gotten exponentially better and more enjoyable, now that I am back to consistent workouts. My energy and mood are significantly improved, and I feel more like myself.

26-Weeks Pregnant

Have fun, and make healthy choices today! Let me know what you thought of the longer workout, and if you had a favorite exercise move!


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Interval Timer Set: 28 Rounds of 35/50

Total Workout Time: 40-Minutes

  1. Squat and Reach
  2. Side Kick-Right
  3. Side Kick-Left
  4. Warrior III-Right
  5. Warrior III-Left
  6. Elevated Leg Adduction-Right
  7. Elevated Leg Adduction-Left
  8. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  9. Heel Slide Abs
  10. Transverse Ab Squeeze
  11. Tricep Pushups-Right
  12. Tricep Pushups-Left
  13. Table Top Dips
  14. Sumo Pushups
  15. Baby Bear Crawl
  16. Speed Skater
  17. Side Gorilla
  18. V-Slip
  19. Table Kick-Right
  20. Table Kick-Left
  21. Goddess Elbow Tap
  22. Wood Chopper-Right
  23. Wood Chopper-Left
  24. Side Plank-Right
  25. Side Plank-Left
  26. Hydrant Heel Press-Right
  27. Hydrant Heel Press-Left
  28. Jumping Jacks
Squat and Reach: Part 1
Squat and Reach: Part 2
Side Kick
Warrior III
Elevated Leg Adduction: Part 1
Elevated leg Adduction: Part 2
Reverse Plank
Heel Slide Abs
Transverse Ab Squeeze
Transverse Ab Squeeze: Part 2
Tricep Pushups
Table Top Dips
Sumo Pushup or Plank
Baby Bear Crawl
Speed Skater: Part 1
Speed Skater: Part 2
Side Gorilla: Part 1
Side Gorilla: Part 2
V-Slip: Part 1
V-Slip: Part 2
Table Kick: Part 1
Table Kick: Part 2
Goddess Elbow Tap: Part 1
Goddess Elbow Tap: Part 2
Side Plank
Hydrant Heel Press: Part 1
Hydrant Heel Press: Part 2
Jumping Jacks
Low Impact Jumping Jacks Modification
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