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Total Body Home Exercise Routine to Burn Fat and Build Strength

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Hi Everyone!

I finally have a brand new workout for you! I am so happy to be back, and filming new exercise routines. We are scheduled to film again on Wednesday, so I will be working new workouts in with some older exercise routines this week.

I have really missed sharing my workouts with everyone. It was a really rough winter for me, both mentally and physically. I definitely have some work to do on my fitness level, but I am excited to be back in action.

Today’s Workout: This routine is a total body workout, which incorporates fat burning, cardio bursts before each exercise. I do use a dumbbell for the Runner’s Lunge Lift (right and left), but the equipment is optional. You can also do the exercise with body weight only.

You also have the option of making this into a more low impact routine, by substituting marching, for high knees. Challenge yourself with whichever option is best for you right now. We improve our strength and fitness through practice.

Appreciating the small moments: One of my goals this week, is to appreciate the small moments. Beautiful sunsets, my son’s giggles, and the way he says “hold you,” when he wants to hug me, the smell of flowers blooming.

I am so happy for the fact that sunshine, and warm weather are finally here, and I want to soak in every moment.

Enjoying the sunset.

I have been incorporating more meditation into my routine, and I love the way it makes me feel. I got busy last week, and didn’t meditate as much as I normally do. I will be focusing on doing a short daily meditate this week.

In the classes that I teach, I talk everyone through a guided relaxation at the end of class. If that is something you would find useful, please leave me a comment and let me know.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout routine! Let me know what you thought, and if you had a favorite move. Have fun!

❤ Melissa

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For my non-fitness related posts, I am on Instagram as @Melissa_Bender_Life

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35 seconds of Cardio, 50 Seconds Exercise (16 Rounds)
Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.
Low Impact: Cardio Marching
Higher Impact: High Knees Cardio

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Slow Mountain Climbers
3. Spider-Man Plank (left)
4. Spider-Man Plank (right)
5. Runner’s Lunge (right)
6. Runner’s Lunge (left)
7. Heel Tap Leg Lifts
8. Leg Series (right)
9. Leg Series (left)
10. Leg/Hip Lift
11. V-up or V Leg Lift
12. Swimmer
13. Reverse V-Lift
14. Plié or Plié Jump
15. Squatting Side Leg Lift (right)
16. Squatting Side Leg Lift (left)

You can do this workout 1X through or repeat up to 3X.

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