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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! You don’t need any equipment to complete today’s workout. This routine is focused on Strengthening and Sculpting your lower body. It incorporates cardio throughout.

Choose the cardio burst option that is best for you. I recommend either Marching in Place, or High Knees, but Jump Rope is another great option. Remember, if it is challenging it’s working. Breathing heavy, and working up a sweat is good. If it feels “easy” it’s time to try a harder variation, or push yourself to get in more reps.

Jump Rope is a good alternate Cardio option.

Workout intensity will make a difference in your results. To improve you have to push past your current limitations. That is where you grow stronger and fitter.

This is actually Part 1 of a longer workout. It can be done on it’s own, or in conjunction with the Exercises for Strong, Lean Abs workout. I split the workout to make it more accessible for people who are in a hurry, and so that you have the option of doing both, or repeating one. I like having options that I can make fit with my time, and workout schedule.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout routine! Let me know what you thought, and if you had a favorite exercise move. I liked the Calf Raise Abduction, even though I was struggling with the balance a bit. Don’t forget, you can grab a chair, or steady yourself with a wall. You can even do the calf raise with both feet on the ground if you prefer. There is always a way to modify a workout to maximize your results.

It feels amazing to be back and filming consistently again. I truly missed working out with everyone, and sharing new fitness routines here with you. Let me know what type of workout you want to see more of: HIIT, LIIT (Low Impact Intervals), Yoga, or Running Tips/Workouts.

Have fun today!

❤ Melissa

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30 Seconds of Cardio, 50 Seconds of Max Reps

  1. Calf Raise Abduction-Right
  2. Calf Raise Abduction-Left
  3. Low Impact Burpee (or Regular Burpee)
  4. Rockette Kick-Right
  5. Rockette Kick-Left
  6. Reverse Plank to Table Top
  7. Lunge to Lift-Right
  8. Lunge to Lift-Left
  9. Down Dog Split to Side Plank-Right
  10. Down Dog Split to Side Plank-Left
  11. Balanced Leg Rotation-Right
  12. Balanced Leg Rotation-Left

Repeat up to 3X or Pair with Core Workout

Calf Raise Abduction- Part 1

Calf Raise Abduction-Part 2

Low Impact Burpee: Part 1

Low Impact Burpee: Part 2

Low Impact Burpee: Part 3

Low Impact Burpee: Part 4

Rockette Kick: Part 2

Rockette Kick: Part 3

Lunge to Lift: Part 1

Lunge to Lift: Part 2

Down Dog Split to Side Plank: Part 1

Down Dog Split to Side Plank: Part 2

Balanced Leg Rotation: Part 1

Balanced Leg Rotation: Part 2

Balanced Leg Rotation: Part 3

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