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Bootcamp HIIT: Total Body Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout. This workout takes 20-minutes per round. You don’t need any equipment, and you will get in a fantastic full body workout. Push yourself to get in as many reps of each exercise as possible, but don’t sacrifice form.

If you want to switch up the workout style you can always do a round for time (HIIT Interval Style) and a round for Repetitions. I find that both techniques challenge my body in different ways.

If you decide to try the workout for reps:

Level 1: 10 Reps
Level 2: 15 Reps
Level 3: 20 Reps

Burpee: Part 3

The cardio intervals change throughout this workout. You can always choose a different cardio option if you need to modify the workout to fit your body. If you aren’t familiar with the exercises I recommend scrolling through the video before the workout gets started.

New Workouts: We are back on a filming schedule this week. That means that you will definitely see new workouts headed your way. I was still sick from a sinus infection/seasonal allergies after the weather changes last week. I am feeling much better now. I kept workouts super low impact, walking and yoga, but I am ready for a more intense workout week.

Running: I haven’t been running at all, but I want to incorporate it back into my schedule. I just ordered a weather cover for the baby so I can bring him out even if there is a drizzle and he will stay dry. I will update you guys as I figure out what is going to work best for re-incorporating running back into my routine.

Have fun with today’s workouts! I love seeing your check-in posts and comments! Let me know how you feel and what you thought of the exercises and the schedule.


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Click the link to get your own interval timer: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Buy a Gymboss now.</a>!
Set your timer for 15 Rounds of 30/50.

1. Knee Drop Plank
2. Seated Leg Lift
3. Leg Circles (right)
4. Leg Circles (left)
5. Heel Tap Abs
-High Knees
6. Down Dog Hop (right)
-High Knees
7. Down Dog Hop (left)
-High Knees
8. Lunge & Reach Twist 
-High Knees
9. Single Leg Hip Thrust
-High Knees
10. Alternating Knee Tap Table Top
-Squat Jump
11. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist (right)
-Squat Jump
12. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist
-Squat Jump
13. Down Dog Plank Press
-Squat Jump
14. Heel Press Plank (right)
-Squat Jump
15. Heel Press Plank (left)

Repeat 1-3X


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