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Total Body Workout with Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone!

It’s time for a brand new workout! This is a Total Body Workout and Fat Burn. I included a warm-up in the video, and posted a separate cool down video below. That will make it easy to repeat the workout, and add the cool down when you are ready.

Equipment: You can grab two dumbbells and a chair (or something you can put a foot up on) for this workout. If you aren’t ready for the added weight, you can complete the exercises with body weight only. Select the challenge that is right for you. I used 20 pound dumbbells in this video.

Recipes: I added a new Healthy Dessert Recipe on my blog. I shared it previously on Instagram, but also wanted to post it here so it’s easy to bookmark. You can find the recipe here: Healthy Chocolate Bites: Raw, Vegan, Delicious.

Healthy Chocolate Bites

This is Workout #5 in my #BFFitFall Workout Challenge. Let me know how you like it! Are you following the challenge, or did you just try out this workout? Your input helps me decide how to structure future workouts and challenges so be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

We have had a lot of help this week with friends baby sitting our son so that we could film new workouts. Maverick loves working out with me. As soon as we were done filming he ran to the yoga mat to practice his Down Dog Pose and Squats. I love that we are able to expose him to healthy habits from a young age.

Maverick practicing his squats.

Have fun with today’s workout! I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Side Squat Reach-Alternating
  2. Lateral Hop with Reach
  3. Forward/Backward Kick-Right
  4. Forward/Backward Kick-Left
  5. Plie Squat Kick-Alternating


  1. Twister Leg Lift Situps
  2. Squat Jump with Floor Tap
  3. Lunge Kicks-Right
  4. Burpees
  5. Lunge Kicks-Left
  6. High Knees
  7. Chair Elbow Twist
  8. Mountain Climbers
  9. Split Squat-Right
  10. Russian Kicks
  11. Split Squat-Left
  12. Jumping Jacks
  13. Thigh Squeeze Leg Lifts
  14. Sumo Pushups or Pushup Rows
  15. Tricep Jack Leg Lift
  16. Bicycle

Repeat 1-3X


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