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30 Minute Total Home Body Workout & Fat Burn: No Equipment Exercises

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! I am excited to bring you guys a brand new workout. For the month of October we are going to be doing a new workout challenge.

My goal is to combine three new workouts per week, with two throwback workouts. So we are aiming for 5-6 workout days each week for the entire month. Of course, you can adjust your schedule to fit your lifestyle, goals and needs.

I have faced a lot of new challenges to my fitness goals over the past year. Having my son changed my life in so many ways. Most of the changes were amazing, but it certainly made my workout routines more difficult. I am going to try and share more of my journey, including the difficulties and the high points.

My challenge to myself is to do each and every one of the workouts that I share on the schedule for this week.

Getting Stronger. Practicing single leg push-ups.

This is workout #1 for the week. Let me know how you do. Use the hashtags #BenderFitness and #BFFitFall on social media.

Leave me a comment: Let me know if the format helped you follow along more easily. I know that a lot of people use my workouts because they are quick, can be repeated, and are easy to fit into your day. The inclusion of the warm-up and cool down increase the video length. I’m interested to see if you find it useful, prefer having just the workout and doing your own warm-up and cool down, or would like to have options for both styles.

Have fun with today’s workout! I love seeing your check-in posts and comments! Let me know how you feel and what you thought of the exercises.


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Don’t forget to include a Warm-Up and Cool Down.


  1. High Knees March
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Slow Mountain Climbers
  4. Ropeless Jumping
  5. High Knees

Workout: *30-Seconds of Cardio Before Each Exercise

  1. Up/Down Dog
  2. Down Dog Press-Right
  3. Down Dog Press-Left
  4. Goddess Squat Heel Pulse
  5. Warrior III-Floor Tap
  6. Warrior III-Floor Tap
  7. Side Plank Reach-Right
  8. Side Plank Reach-Left
  9. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  10. Spiderman Plank

Cool Down:

  1. March in Place
  2. Side Angle Stretch-Right
  3. Reverse/Peaceful Warrior-Right
  4. Side Angle Stretch-Left
  5. Reverse/Peaceful Warrior-Left
  6. Forward Fold
  7. Standing Back Bend

High Knees March

Jumping Jacks

Slow Mountain Climbers

Ropeless Jumping

High Knees

Up/Down Dog: Part 1

Up/Down Dog: Part 2

Down Dog Press: Part 1

Down Dog Press: Part 2

Down Dog Press: Part 1

Down Dog Press: Part 2

Goddess Pose Heel Press: Part 1

Goddess Pose Heel Press: Part 2

Side Plank Reach: Part 1

Side Plank Reach: Part 2

Warrior III Tap: Part 1

Warrior III Tap: Part 2

Reverse Plank Leg Lift: Part 1

Reverse Plank Leg Lift: Part 2

Spiderman Plank: Part 1

Spiderman Plank: Part 2

March in Place

Side Angle Stretch

Reverse/Peaceful Warrior

Side Angle Stretch

Reverse Warrior

Forward Fold

Standing Backbend Stretch


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