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35-Minute Yoga Flow: Lean Strength and Stretch

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Hi Everyone!

I have a new Yoga Flow to share with you today. With Yoga it’s important to focus on your body and your breathing. I encourage you to focus on being present in the moment, and with the movement.

One of my favorite things about yoga is the mind/body connection. It is an amazing way to center yourself, and practice letting go of life’s stressors. Concentrate on each pose, how your body feels, and what you are doing. We are used to multi-tasking- I multi-task so often that the word multi doesn’t seem extensive enough. During exercise it’s a great time to bring yourself back into what you are doing. We have to practice being alert to the present moment.

Remember, don’t ever push to the point of pain. You should feel a stretch, and maybe even muscle burn, but not pain. Learn to respect your body’s current limitations. With practice you will find that you can expand your stretch, and incorporate new poses into your practice.

I end this flow in Savasana. It is an amazing pose for relaxation. When I teach my group yoga classes I always end with Savasana and a guided relaxation. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to include the guided relaxation at the end of my next yoga flow (or even in a video on it’s own).

If you need suggestions for modifications please let me know in the comments below. Do not be hard on yourself during your practice. Flexibility can vary from day to day. Certain poses may be difficult, and then suddenly you “get it.” Try to focus on being grateful for what your body is capable. Don’t worry about comparisons (even with yourself), and just honor what your body is capable of today.

I hope that you enjoy today’s yoga flow. I have more new workouts headed your way!

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Some of the poses you will find in this workout. There are several more in this flow:


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