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Total Body HIIT: Body Sculpt & Fat Burning Workout

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are ready to sweat! I have another short, but intense workout for you today. Get ready to push for maximum reps and work your entire body.

Today is Day 2 of my Get Lean Workout Challenge. This is a 4-Week Challenge. To go along with this challenge I added a Grocery list and details about my Anti-Inflammatory Diet. I have noticed big changes since I started incorporating these foods and diet principles into my life.

One round of today’s workout will take just 12-minutes. In that 12-Minutes I kicked my own butt, was panting for breath, and dripping sweat (don’t be scared, those are good things!) Work at your own pace, but don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Challenging your current limitations is how you expand past those limitations to grow and improve.

Of course, you can repeat this workout to make it longer/more intense, or you can pair it with cardio of your choice. As a new mom, I find it imperative to have a short/quick workout option. It allows me to get in my workout even when life gets hectic. I always feel better physically and mentally when I get my workouts in. Three cheers for endorphins! 😉

If you still want to join the DietBet for some motivation to lose weight (and win money for losing weight!) you can still join: There is over $9000 in the jackpot right now, and everyone who hits their weight loss goal will win a portion of the money.

Have fun with today’s workout! I am excited to share more new workout videos with you!


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Get Your Own Interval Timer: Buy a Gymboss now.
Set Your Timer: 12 Rounds of 10/50.

  1. Jumping Jack Burpee
  2. Plank Leg Lift-Right
  3. Plank Leg Lift-Left
  4. High Knees
  5. Oblique Twist
  6. Plank Elbow Tap-Right
  7. Plank Elbow Tap-Left
  8. Surfer Burpee
  9. Ab/Hip Lift
  10. Lunge Jump
  11. Mountain Pushups
  12. Temple Tap Abs

Repeat 1-3X

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