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15-Minute: Full Body Toning Workout

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HI Everyone!

It’s that time again…..Workout Time! Today’s workout is a 15-Minute Full Body Workout. Grab a couple of dumbbells, and a chair (or some place to put your foot for one move) and you are ready to go. If you don’t have equipment, grab a water bottle or something for resistance. You can always modify to use whatever you have at home.

If you use an alternate piece of equipment comment and let us know what it is. That way if anyone else is struggling you might give them an option they didn’t think of.

I filmed the workout below in October. I am feeling so much stronger, and healthier now. It’s amazing the difference that 4-months can make in your fitness level! At that point I was only 3-months postpartum, and I am now 7-months postpartum.

This is the first week that I have successfully started a consistent running program again. I started teaching a Kinesiology class on Jogging at Penn State Beaver. I have been wanting to get my running program back on track, and this was just the motivation that I needed. I am a firm believer in practicing what you preach.

My running week has looked like this: 
Saturday: 4+ Miles (my watch died so I am not sure exactly how long the distance was)
Sunday: 7 Miles. 
Monday: 3.2 Miles. 
Wednesday: 3.2 Miles. 
Friday: Between 3-4 Miles Scheduled. 

It feels so good to be running consistently! I thought that I would be sore or tired, but my HIIT workouts have really kept my fitness level on track so I haven’t had any issues. My two shorter runs (3.2 miles) I maintained between an 8 min/mile and 8:30 min/mile pace. My half marathon pace average is about an 8 min/mile so I have some work to do, but I am not as far off as I had imagined.

Have fun with today’s workout. Next week I have help from my sister so I can film some new workouts, and I will be filming on either today or tomorrow AM. So brand new workouts are on the horizon!

Melissa, Jesse & Maverick

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*Each Section will take 5 minutes. You can pause the video and grab some water in between sections. * Be sure to have your dumbbells and a chair (or someplace to put your foot during Split Squats) ready for this workout. 

Section 1:
1. Romanian Deadlift
2. Split Squat: Right
3. Split Squat: Left
4. Warrior Deadlift: Right
5. Warrior Deadlift: Left

Section 2:
1. Reverse Plank Step Out
2. Side Plank Reach & Drop: Right
3. Side Plank Reach & Drop: Left
4. Hip Lift Hook
5. Temple Tap Abs

Section 3:
1. Alternating Lunge & Curl
2. Squat & Press
3. Pushup Row: Alternating
4. Runner’s Lunge with Tricep Kickback: Right
5. Runner’s Lunge with Tricep Kickback: Left

Repeat 1-3X


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