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20-Minute Full Body Boot Camp: Cardio Workout & Goals for the New Year

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Good Morning Everyone!

Today is the last day of the year. It’s a time of reflection, anticipation, and goal setting. It’s a time to look back at the year past. To celebrate positive changes, and make plans to accomplish new goals in the coming year. I love looking at the life changes we have gone through, and anticipating changes for the year to come.

Many people start of the year strong with goals, and lose some momentum as the year progresses, but you can make this your year. Set concrete goals and stick to them. Make yourself accountable, and find ways to make it happen.

For us, this past year was huge and full of changes. At this time last year I was pregnant.

January 2016

On the Fourth of July we welcomed our son into the world. I went from working as a full time Occupational Therapist, to transitioning to a PRN position, and shifting my focus to blogging and parenting full time. My workout schedule/consistency isn’t where I want it to be yet, but I am making progress. It has been a year of joyous changes for us.

At the hospital with my son. <3 July 2016

I want to welcome 2017 with determination to make my goals a reality. I want to enjoy the year, and savor each moment of my son’s life (he grows so fast!) I want to be healthier, stronger, and more consistent. I want to create some new amazing workout programs to share with you.

I was going to start the year with a DietBet challenge, but I have decided to start the DietBet in February. Many people start off the year strong with their fitness goals, but by February that motivation has waned. So there will be a February Challenge.

I am also going to be posting more Diet and Stretching information for the New Year. I need to re-commit to making healthy choices in these areas for myself, and I think we will be more successful if we do it together.

What goals have you set for yourself? What else would help you succeed with your goals in the New Year? Let me know in the comments below.


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Set your timer for 15 Rounds of 30/50.
Or complete for reps: Beginner: 10 Reps, Intermediate: 15 Reps, Advanced: 20 Reps with 30 second cardio burst between each exercise.

-Mountain Climbers
1. Lateral Burpee Row
-Mountain Climbers
2. Warrior Lunge Hop
-Mountain Climbers
3. Side Lunge Lift (right)
-Mountain Climbers
4. Side Lunge Lift (left)
-Mountain Climbers
5. Alternating Hip Thrust
-High Knees
6. Single Leg Frogger Pushup (right)
-High Knees
7. Single Leg Frogger Pushup (left)
-High Knees
8. Tricep Pushup (right)
-High Knees
9. Tricep Pushup (left)
-High Knees
10. Tricep Extension
11. Superman V-Up
12. Oblique V-Up (right)
13. Oblique V-Up (left)
14. Boat with Single Leg Lateral Knee Drop (right)
15. Boat with Single Leg Lateral Knee Drop (left)

Repeat 1-3X

The Workout Burned about 215 Calories. I left my Heart Rate Monitor Running for 15 minutes to see the afterburn. 302 Calories after 1 Round.

Mountain Climber
Lateral Burpee Row
Warrior Lunge Hop: Part 1
Warrior Lunge Hop: Part 2
Side Lunge Lift
Alternating Hip Thrust
Single Leg Frogger Pushup: Part 1
Single Leg Frogger Pushup: Part 2
High Knees
Tricep Pushup
Tricep Extension
Superman V-Up: Part 1
Superman V-Up: Part 2
Oblique V-Up
Boat with Single Leg Lateral Knee Drop

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