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Lower Body Workout with Warm Up & Cool Down (25 Minutes)

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re ready for today’s Lower Body Workout! It’s challenging, but effective! This routine incorporates exercises to work your glutes, thighs and calves. It will work your backside from every angle to strengthen and shape your glutes.

I am still doing my daily Sun Salutations. I posted that video below. I plan on doing 10 Sun Salutations per day throughout this month, and possibly beyond that.

I went through today’s workout 2X. I did the first round HIIT style (as in the video). For the second round I did 20-Reps of each exercise. I like to vary the workout, and I find that HIIT and Reps each provide a unique challenge.

During the Reps portion of my workout I increased my weight on the Romanian Deadlifts to 75-pounds, and decreased the weights during Skier to two 12-pound dumbbells.

I tried something a little bit different with today’s workout. The video below includes the Warm-up and Cool Down in the workout video. I also posted them separately. You can find the individual videos here by clicking on the photos below:

I want your feedback! Do you like having the videos separate so you can repeat the exercises, and combine them with other routines more easily? Or do you like having the warm-up and cool down built in? I see benefits to both techniques. Right now I have posted the videos and blog posts both ways, so I can see which technique people are responding to best.

Gambit helped keep Maverick entertained during Round 2 of my workout. Maverick seems intrigued when I exercise, and watches everything that I do!

I hope you enjoy today’s workout!

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Set Your Interval Timer for 5 Rounds of 10/50 for the Warm Up and Cool Down. For the Workout Set your Timer for 12 Rounds of 10/50.

Warm Up:
1. Jog
2. Side Leg Swing
3. Side Leg Swing
4. Head Tap Squat
5. Frankenstein

1. Chair to Squat
2. Hip Press Lift
3. Hip Press Lift
4. Superman
5. Romanian Deadlift
6. Alternating Warrior III
7. Skier
8. Heel Lift Squat
9. Curtsy Lunge
10. Curtsy Lunge
11. Leg Series
12. Leg Series

Cool Down:
1. March in Place
2. Side Lunge Stretch
3. Side Lunge Stretch
4. Back Extension
5. Forward Fold
6. Pigeon Pose
7. Pigeon Pose

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