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Leg, Butt & Thigh Shaping Workout: 30 Minute Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for a great Lower Body Workout? Grab a couple of dumbbells (if you don’t have any you can do the exercises with body weight), and get ready to work your booty and legs. This video has the warm-up and cool down included, but I will also post them separately.

I am feeling really good after our workouts so far this week, and I hope you are too. In addition to doing one round of today’s workout I also went for a 3-Mile (30 Minute) run with the baby.

Our workout schedule for this week:

Day 1: 15 Minute HIIT: Quick Full Body Workout

Day 2: 35 Minute Total Body Workout & Cardio HIIT Fat Burn 

Day 3: Cardio Sweat: Plyo HIIT Fat Burn Total Body Workout: 15 Minutes Per Round 

Day 4: That’s Today! Lower Body

Day 5: Core

I had to take a break from my Sun Salutations because I am having some Carpal Tunnel symptoms in my right hand. Most likely it’s from holding Maverick, pushing the stroller, and generalized increased use of my wrist. If it keeps up I will modify all of the positions done in plank by using dumbbells or pushup bars to keep my wrists in neutral. I still posted the video below for anyone who is doing the daily yoga challenge.

Sun Salutations are also a great option for both Warm-Up and Cool Down.

For anyone who is supporting BenderFitness on Patreon: we ran into some technical difficulties. Patreon did a mass delete of fraudulent accounts. Somehow mine got lumped in there incorrectly and they deleted my page. They are working to re-activate it, but we don’t know yet if I have to start the page from scratch. I was very disheartened last night when I saw that my page had disappeared. We have never had so many technical difficulties at one time. Our camera died, Jesse’s iPhone died (we replaced it, but when everything synced we had a gap of missing photos and videos from last October to August. Maverick was born July 4th so we lost the video from when he was born, and all of his photos), my Macbook Pro decided to only work while plugged in, and now the Patreon page where people are supporting us to help us get new equipment & make BenderFitness sustainable was deleted.

For a little while there I felt like it was a sign that maybe I was not supposed to keep blogging, and I should go back to work as an Occupational Therapist. Luckily I am an optimist and a very determined person so I didn’t let it keep me down long. Once I figure out if they are able to recover my page I will go from there. It’s possible to re-build & sometimes in the rebuilding process we create something even better than the original. Update: My Patreon Page is up and running again, but all previous pledges have been deleted. If you still want to help/re-pledge please go to:

I hope you all enjoy today’s workout!

PS You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat: @BenderFitness and Jesse on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1. I am on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness

Warm Up: Buy a Gymboss now. Interval Timer Set for 5 Rounds of 5/55

  1. Forward Kick-Right
  2. Forward Kick-Left
  3. Frog Hop
  4. Knee Swing Kick-Right
  5. Knee Swing Kick-Left

Workout: Interval Timer Set for 18 Rounds of 10/50

  1. Squat
  2. Leg Abduction-Right
  3. Leg Abduction-Left
  4. Warrior Deadlift-Right
  5. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  6. Plie Squat
  7. Chair Squat
  8. Single Leg Squat-Alternating
  9. Side Lunge Switch
  10. Romanian Deadlift
  11. Quadruped Heel Press-Right
  12. Quadruped Heel Press-Left
  13. Quadruped Knee to Elbow-Right
  14. Quadruped Knee to Elbow-Left
  15. Quadruped Rainbow Tap-Right
  16. Quadruped Rainbow Tap-Left
  17. Leg Series-Right
  18. Leg Series-Left

Cool Down:  Interval Timer Set for 5 Rounds of 5/55

  1. Shoulder Stretch Squat
  2. Deep Squat with Elbow Press
  3. Runner’s Lunge-Right
  4. Runner’s Lunge-Left
  5. Seated Forward Fold

Repeat 1-3X

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