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15 Minute Full Body Toning Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s Full Body Workout! Are you ready to get in a quick workout for your entire body? Today’s workout is comprised of three sections:

  1. Thigh & Butt Sculpt
    2. Core Sculpt
    3. Arm & Back Sculpt

You can choose to do each section on it’s own by clicking on the links above, or do the full length workout video as it is posted below. Each portion of the workout will take 5-minutes, so total workout time for the full length workout is 15-Minutes per Round.

All you need are two dumbbells, and a chair or other sturdy surface that you can put your foot up on. Breaking the workout up into segments made it much easier for me to film around my son’s napping schedule. Let me know if it makes it easier/more convenient for you to have the shorter workout options in addition to the full length workout. I will be checking the comments for your thoughts!

We are working hard to improve BenderFitness and make our workouts as user friendly as possible! Thanks for working out with us!

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*Each Section will take 5 minutes. You can pause the video and grab some water in between sections. * Be sure to have your dumbbells and a chair (or someplace to put your foot during Split Squats) ready for this workout. 

Section 1:
1. Romanian Deadlift
2. Split Squat: Right
3. Split Squat: Left
4. Warrior Deadlift: Right
5. Warrior Deadlift: Left

Section 2:
1. Reverse Plank Step Out
2. Side Plank Reach & Drop: Right
3. Side Plank Reach & Drop: Left
4. Hip Lift Hook
5. Temple Tap Abs

Section 3:
1. Alternating Lunge & Curl
2. Squat & Press
3. Pushup Row: Alternating
4. Runner’s Lunge with Tricep Kickback: Right
5. Runner’s Lunge with Tricep Kickback: Left

Repeat 1-3X

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