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Sunday Run Day #1: 5 Tips on How to Run Faster

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Hi Everyone!

It’s Sunday Run Day! Jesse is here with a great video with 5 Tips on How to Run Faster. (If you are looking for today’s HIIT Workout you can find it here: Full Body Sculpting HIIT: 15 Minutes Per Round).

  1. Be Consistent: As with all exercise, and health in general, consistency is key. Working SUPER hard occasionally isn’t going to help you progress. Be consistent with your training. This is the number one technique to achieving the results you want.
  2. Vary Your Paces: Don’t run at the same speed every time you run! You should have easy days and hard days. In future videos we will discuss specific runs that you can do. You can find several Interval Runs and articles on Running here if you can’t wait: .
  3. Run Faster to Be Faster: Becoming faster requires Speed Work. You need to get your body used to running faster paces. This doesn’t only help with leg turnover (how quickly you can actually move your legs), but also with your endurance for running faster paces. Practicing these skills will help you achieve your goals, and run further in less time. Check out this article on 6 Training Runs You Should Be Doing to Improve Your Speed. Jesse will be discussing different runs (and their benefits) in future videos.
  4. Hydrate, Fuel & Rest: Without the proper Fuel you will not be able to run your fastest. Nutrition and Rest are a foundational part of becoming a faster, and healthier runner. It will also help prevent GI Distress during hard runs.
  5. Stretch: Stretching will help you prevent injuries, which will not only keep you healthy, but allow you to follow Rule #1: Be Consistent. Injuries interrupt consistency and sometimes require long breaks from running.

Do you have something to add? What Running topics would you like to see us answer in future videos?

Melissa & Jesse

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