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10-Minute Workout to Sculpt & Shape Your Thighs & Butt

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Good Morning Everyone!

It’s time for today’s workout. Today we are focused on the lower body. I filmed this workout during the First Trimester of my pregnancy. I can’t believe I am now 6-Weeks Postpartum! As a reminder, my brand new 6-Week workout program starts this Sunday (August 21st). I filmed the first workout video last night & I am excited to share it with you all! My DietBet weight loss challenge starts on Monday (August 22nd):

Today’s workout is focused on your glutes and thighs. It will help strengthen, sculpt and shape your lower body. We use a variety of movements in this workout to target the large and small muscles that make up your lower body.

When working your lower half it’s important to target the muscles on the inner and outer thighs, as well as the large muscles of the glutes and the outside of the glutes. Not only will this help shape and lift your backside and thighs, but it will help align your posture and hips.

Proper hip alignment requires strength through your glutes, thighs, core and low back, and it will improve your posture while reducing strain on your joints.

I used two 20-pound dumbbells in this workout. Select a weight that is challenging for you. If you don’t have anything heavy enough to challenge you aim to do the higher number of reps with great form. You can always get in a great workout with body weight, but the added weight increases the intensity and will help you build muscle more quickly. Muscle=Better Metabolism.

Intervals: 10 Rounds of 10/50.

Beginner: 10 Reps
Intermediate: 15 Reps
Advanced: 20 Reps

*If you are using very heavy/challenging weights aim for between 10-12 Reps per exercise.

  1. Squat
  2. Split Squat: Right
  3. Split Squat: Left
  4. In/Out Squats
  5. Warrior Deadlift: Right
  6. Warrior Deadlift: Left
  7. Curtsy Lunge: Right
  8. Curtsy Lunge: Left
  9. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Right
  10. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Left

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 15-30 Minutes Cardio of Choice

Squat: Part 1

Squat: Part 2

Split Squat: Part 1

Split Squat: Part 2

In/Out Squat: Part 1

In/Out Squat: Part 2

Warrior Deadlift: Part 1

Warrior Deadlift: Part 2

Curtsy Lunge: Part 1

Curtsy Lunge: Part 2

Single Leg Glute Bridge: Part 1

Single Leg Glute Bridge: Part 2

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