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15 Minute HIIT: Abs & Thighs Workout-Body Weight, No Equipment Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is all about the Core and Lower Body. Are you ready to sculpt those Abs and Thighs? You are going to feel it with this workout!

I originally complete this workout with my Boot Camp class during the fall semester. We completed 2 rounds, plus a warm up and cool down. During class we focus on form, while encouraging everyone to get in as many reps as they can. The intensity level that you work at does impact your results. As long as you are challenging yourself, you are going hard enough. Just make sure you aren’t just moving through the workout, push yourself to get in an extra rep!

I was 7.5 Weeks pregnant when I filmed this workout, so it was still early enough during the first Trimester that I didn’t really need any workout modifications. I just had to monitor my rate of perceived exertion to make sure I wasn’t over-doing it.

It’s crazy to me that my baby is now just over 2-weeks old. The entire pregnancy seemed to fly by, and now time seems to be moving even faster!

I hope you enjoy today’s workout!

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Interval Timer: 15 Rounds of 10/50

Beginner: 10 Reps, 30 Seconds Timed Exercises
Intermediate: 15 Reps, 40 Seconds Timed Exercises
Advanced: 20 Reps, 50 Seconds Timed Exercises

  1. High Knees
  2. Pendulum Squat
  3. Burpees
  4. Crunch & Tap
  5. Mountain Climbers
  6. Table Top Hip Thrust
  7. Squat Jump
  8. Rotating Pushups
  9. Lunge Jumps
  10. Side Plank Hip Drop-Right
  11. Russian Kicks
  12. Side Plank Hip Drop-Left
  13. Frog Hopper
  14. Alternating Runners Lunge Reach
  15. High Knees

Repeat the Entire Workout 1-3X for Maximum Results

High Knees

Pendulum Squat: Part 1

Pendulum Squat: Part 2

Pendulum Squat: Part 3


Table Top Hip Thrust

Squat Jump: Part 2

Squat Jump: Part 1

Rotating Pushup: Part 1

Rotating Pushup: Part 2

Lunge Jump

Side Plank Hip Drop

Russian Kicks

Frog Hopper: Part 1

Frog Hopper: Part 2

Frog Hopper: Part 3

Runner’s Lunge Reach: Part 1

Runner’s Lunge Reach: Part 2

Runner’s Lunge Reach: Part 3

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