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12-Minute Workout: Abs, Love Handles & Back: No Equipment Needed

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Good Morning Everyone!

Today’s workout is focused on working your core from every angle. It’s not enough to work just the central “six pack” muscles. For true core strength and definition you need to work the low, upper, middle, sides and back. This workout will do that!

You don’t need any equipment, just a little bit of space, and a yoga mat if you have one. I also posted a link to a jump rope workout for those of you looking for a bonus cardio fat burn.

The videos, and the photo tutorial are below.

Today is my 6th day Postpartum. I can’t believe Maverick is going to be one week young tomorrow! I love absolutely everything about being a mom.

Jesse & Maverick. Maverick sleeps in a bassinet right now, so his crib is full of toys. Don’t worry we will take them all out before he starts sleeping in there! 😉

I hope you enjoy today’s workout (and the photos of my son). <3 You can let me know what you think of the workout on Instagram & Twitter: @BenderFitness. Jesse is on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1. I am also on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness.

Don’t forget to do an extra rep for me! I can’t wait until I can workout with you again!

Maverick is ready for bath time!

  1. Plank
  2. Superman
  3. Dive Bombers
  4. Side Plank Reach-Right
  5. Side Plank Reach-Left
  6. Leg/Hip Lift
  7. Bow Pose
  8. Table Top Heel Press-Right
  9. Table Top Heel Press-Left
  10. Raised Leg Adduction-Right
  11. Raised Leg Adduction-Left
  12. Walk the Plank

Repeat 1-4X
Optional: 30 Minutes Cardio of Choice-Jump Rope Cardio Option is Below



Dive Bomber: Part 1

Dive Bomber: Part 2

Dive Bomber: Part 3

Side Plank Reach: Part 1

Side Plank Reach: Part 2

Leg/Hip Lift: Part 1

Leg/Hip Lift: Part

Bow Pose: Part 1

Bow Pose: Part 2

Table Top Heel Press: Part 1

Table Top Heel Press: Part 2

Leg Abduction: Part 1

Leg Abduction: Part 2

Walk the Plank



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