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15-Minute Full Body Workout to Improve Running Form & Efficiency

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! Today we have a brand new workout for you. This is a full body workout. All you need is some space and a dumbbell. If you don’t have access to dumbbells you can grab something from around the house to add some resistance, or complete the exercises with body weight only.

We designed this workout for runner’s. Runner’s require cross training to maximize running form and efficiency, and prevent injury. This workout focuses on the muscles that runner’s tend to have imbalances in due to the specificity of their training.

Jesse has noticed less pain, less injury, improved form and efficiency by incorporating exercises like today’s program into his routine. Remember, preventing injury is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy & maximize your potential in any sport or athletics.

If you aren’t a runner this is still a great full body workout! I hope you enjoy today’s routine. I always love when Jesse teaches a workout!

Have fun!
Melissa & Jesse

Set Your Interval Timer for 15 Rounds of 10/50.
Equipment: Dumbbell

  1. Over Head Squat
  2. Alternating Runner’s Lunge Lift
  3. Warrior Deadlift-Right
  4. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  5. Lunge Jump
  6. Side Plank Leg Lift-Right
  7. Side Plank Leg Lift-Left
  8. Temple Tap Abs
  9. Plank Knee Tap
  10. Leg/Hip Lift
  11. Reverse Plank Step Out
  12. Tricep Pushup-Right
  13. Tricep Pushup-Left
  14. Bent Over Row-Right
  15. Bent Over Row-Left

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30-Minutes Cardio of Choice.

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