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20-Minute Full Body: Cardio Sculpt Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! Today’s workout is 20-Minutes per round. I use a chair, and a dumbbell in this workout, but it can easily be modified to be equipment free. As always, push to get in as many reps as you can during each interval. The more you put into the workout the more you get out of it.

Jesse and I taught two rounds of this workout in our Boot Camp class last night. I am 20-Weeks pregnant today, so I was pacing myself and not pushing full out during the workout. Even going at a moderate pace I burned 325 Calories for two rounds of the workout. Typically, going full out I would burn over 200-Calories per round.

The nice thing about HIIT workouts is that everyone can go at their own pace, and it leaves room for improvement. If you get in 10-reps during a move today, aim for 12 reps during the next round, or the next time you repeat the workout. Even when your fitness level improves, you are able to push yourself to get in more reps and keep the challenge fresh.

Have fun with the workout & let me know how many rounds you get in/what you think of the workout. I look for your check-ins on Instagram & Twitter: @BenderFitness and on Facebook:


PS My Anatomy Scan Ultrasound is today! We are waiting until Saturday to get the results of the Gender. Any guesses?

Gambit Loves Workout Time!

*In between each exercise complete 30-seconds Cardio of Choice: High Knees, Kettle Bell (or dumbbell) swings, burpees, or jump rope.

  1. Sumo Pushup
  2. Down Dog Hop-Right
  3. Down Dog Hop-Left
  4. Side Plank Hip Lift-Right
  5. Side Plank Hip Lift-Left
  6. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right
  7. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
  8. Balanced Leg Abduction with Rotation-Right
  9. Balanced Leg Abduction with Rotation-Left
  10. Standing Frog Hop
  11. Dips (Substitute Froggers if you don’t have a chair)
  12. Decline Shoulder Tap Pushup (Skip the decline if you don’t have a chair)
  13. Walk the Plank
  14. Tricep Push-up-Right
  15. Tricep Push-up-Left

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30-Minutes of Cardio

High Knees

Kettle Bell Swing: Part 1

Sumo Push-up

Down Dog Hop: Part 1

Down Dog Hop: Part 2

Side Plank Hip Lift: Part 1

Side Plank Hip Lift: Part 2

Runner’s Lunge Lift: Part 1

Runner’s Lunge Lift: Part 2

Balanced Leg Abduction with Rotation: Part 1

Balanced Leg Abduction with Rotation: Part 2

Frog Hopper: Part 1

Frog Hopper: Part 2

Dip: Part 1

Dip: Part 2

Shoulder Tap Decline Pushup

Shoulder Tap Decline Pushup

Walk the Plank: Part 1

Walk the Plank: Part 2

Walk the Plank: Part 3

Tricep Push-up: Part 1

Tricep Push-up: Part 2

Stay Hydrated & Repeat if you are up to it!




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