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Fit & Healthy DietBet Challenge: Day 2: Core, Glutes & Cardio Fat Burn-No Equipment Workouts

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 2 of my Fit & Healthy New Year & DietBet Workouts! The Challenge started yesterday, but it isn’t to late to sign up: You can find the first workout from this challenge here: Fit & Healthy DietBet Challenge: Day 1: 30-Minute Full Body Home Workout & Fat Burn.

Today we have two workouts on our agenda. Both workout videos and breakdowns are below. The first workout is a 20-Minute Low Impact Workout for the Core & Glutes. Don’t let the words Low Impact fool you into thinking it isn’t effective! This workout is designed to create core strength through the front, sides (love handles), and back of your abdomen. This will help align your pelvis, improve your posture, and improve the aesthetics of your midsection.

The second workout is a 10-Minute Intense Cardio HIIT Fat Burn Workout. Go for max reps. The workout is short, but tough, and the goal is to really maximize your fat burn by pushing through the workout.

Our goal is to workout between 30-60 Minutes today. You can do 1 Round of Each Workout for a total 30-Minute Workout, or Repeat each workout 2X for 60-Minutes. You can also choose to do 1 Round of each workout and do 30-Minutes cardio of choice (running, biking, swimming, etc) to hit your 60-Minutes. Combining strengthening and cardio burn moves will help maximize your results and increase your fat burn during this challenge.

Remember to pair your workouts with healthy food choices. Don’t use them as an excuse to make unhealthy choices with your meals!

Have fun today!



Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer: 15 Rounds of 30/50

*30 Seconds of Glute Bridge Between Each Exercise

  1. Down Dog Leg Pulse-Right
  2. Down Dog Leg Pulse-Left
  3. Plank Leg Sweep-Right
  4. Plank Leg Sweep-Left
  5. Supergirl Tap-Right
  6. Supergirl Tap-Left
  7. Reverse Plank Leg Lift-Right
  8. Reverse Plank Leg Lift-Left
  9. Side Plank Knee Extension-Right
  10. Side Plank Knee Extension-Left
  11. Plank Reach Through-Right
  12. Plank Reach Through-Left
  13. Windshield Wiper Reverse Plank-Right
  14. Windshield Wiper Reverse Plank-Left
  15. Toe Touch Plank

Glute Bridge

Down Dog Leg Pulse

Plank Leg Sweep: Part 1

Plank Leg Sweep: Part 2

Supergirl Tap: Part 1

Supergirl Tap: Part 2

Reverse Plank Leg Lift

Side Plank Knee Extension: Part 1

Side Plank Knee Extension: Part 2

Plank reach Through: Part 1

Plank reach Through: Part 2

Windshield Wiper Reverse Plank

Toe Touch Plank




Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer: 10 Rounds of 10/50. 

1. Heel Tap Jump Squat
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Lunge Jump
4. Russian Kicks
5. Runners Lunge Hop (right)
6. Runners Lunge Hop (left)
7. Low Jack 1/2 Burpee
8. X-Jump
9. High Knees
10. Burpee

Repeat 1-3X


Heel Tap Jump Squat
Mountain Climbers
Lunge Jump
Russian Kicks
Runners Lunge Hop: Part 1
Instagram Tutorial
Runners Lunge Hop: Part 2
Low Jack Burpee
Instagram Tutorial
High Knees


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