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26 Minute HIIT: Full Body Cardio Burn Workout-No Equipment

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Hi Everyone!

One Round of today’s workout takes 26-Minutes. In the video I claim that it’s only 24-Rounds, but don’t listen to me. I mis-labeled my workout list and wrote one number twice, which threw off my count. So if you are setting your own interval timer, you can set it for 26 Rounds of 10/50.

In today’s workout I increased the length of the cardio bursts from 30 to 50 seconds. Be sure to push during each interval (cardio and strength moves!) I am pacing myself and not going full out, because I don’t want to over-do it. I did monitor my heart rate, and it stayed in a low range (around 130 BPM) so I know I can definitely push harder than that in the future.

It was my first day back to working out after all of the holiday madness. We have house guests, have been eating out every day, and eating Christmas leftovers. Between the food and missed workouts I am not feeling my best. I was completely over the first trimester nausea and fatigue, however, they have both come back! I am bloating dramatically from AM to PM. Pregnancy hormones are partially to blame, but so are poor food choices. I am re-focusing on feeding myself (and baby Bender!) healthy food items & getting back to working out consistently. I have been doing exercises each day, but my new goal is to get in at least the recommended 30-Minutes of exercise per day.

I hope you enjoy the new workout!

26 Rounds of 10/50
*50 Seconds Cardio of Choice Befor Each Exercise*

  1. Speed Skater Tap
  2. Bridge Hopper-Right
  3. Bridge Hopper-Left
  4. Double Side Kick-Right
  5. Double Side Kick-Left
  6. Reverse Lunge Hop-Right
  7. Reverse Lunge Hop-Left
  8. 180 Frog Hop
  9. Warrior III-Right
  10. Warrior III-Left
  11. Hip Tap Pushup
  12. Down Dog Hop-Right
  13. Down Dog Hop-Left

Repeat 1-2X

Pick Your Cardio

Speed Skater Tap-Part 1

Speed Skater Tap-Part 2

Bridge Hopper: Part 1

Bridge Hopper: Part 2

Double Side Kick: Part 1

Double Side Kick: Part 2

Reverse Lunge Hop: Part 1

Reverse Lunge Hop: Part 2

180 Frog Hop: Part 1

180 Frog Hop: Part 2

180 Frog Hop: Part 3

Warrior III: Part 1

Warrior III: Part 2

Hip Tap Pushup: Part 1

Hip Tap Pushup: Part 2

Down Dog Hop: Part 1

Down Dog Hop: Part 2


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