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Lower Body Sculpt & Extended Plank Core Workout: Legs & Abs Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today I have two workouts for you! The first workouts is a Lower Body Sculpt & the Second Workout is a Core workouts for Love Handles, Abs & Back. The second video is posted below the photo tutorial for the Lower Body Workout, so be sure to keep scrolling!

I hope you all enjoy the workouts and are feeling good at the midway point of this week! Remember to listen to your body. If you need a rest day you can adjust the schedule & complete these workouts tomorrow.

You can also choose to pair the workouts, or separate them. It’s important to recognize how your body is feeling. Creating a mind & body connection will make you stronger, and healthier. Remember, when you do an exercise, if you focus on the muscles you are training during the exercise, you actually improve your physical results!

I hope you enjoy today’s workouts! Have fun & feel free to tag me in your Instagram photos, or let me know what you think about the workout on my Facebook page.


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1. Runner’s Lunge Lift (right)
2. Runner’s Lunge Lift (left)
3. Lunge to Squat (right)
4. Lunge to Squat (left)
5. Man Maker
6. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right)
7. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
8. Weighted Single Leg Glute Bridge (right)
9. Weighted Single Leg Glute Bridge (left)
10. Lunge Twist to Chair (right)
11. Lunge Twist to Chair (left)
12. Plie Pulse
13. Romanian Deadlift
14. Around the World Lunge (right)
15. Around the World Lunge (left)

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30 Minutes of Cardio


Runner’s Lunge Lift
Lunge to Squat: Part 1
Lunge to Squat: Part 2
Man Maker: Part 1
Man Maker: Part 2
Man Maker: Part 3
Curtsy Lunge Kick: Part 1
Curtsy Lunge Kick: Part 2
Single Leg Glute Brige
Lunge Twist to Chair: Part 1
Lunge Twist to Chair: Part 2
Plie Pulse
Romanian Deadlift
Around the World Lunge


  1. Plank
  2. Side Plank-Right
  3. Star Side Plank-Right
  4. Reverse Plank
  5. Side Plank-Left
  6. Star Side Plank-Left
  7. Reverse Plank Lift-Right
  8. Reverse Plank Lift-Left
  9. Supergirl-Right
  10. Supergirl-Left
  11. Oblique Hold-Right
  12. Oblique Hold-Left

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30-Minutes of Cardio

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