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20 Minute Boot Camp: Full Body Fat Burning Workout

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Hi Everyone!
I have a throwback workout for you today, with one of my favorite guest stars! Tonight Jesse and I start back to teaching Boot Camp classes at our local Penn State Campus. We will be doing two rounds of a 20-Minute workout, plus a warm-up and cool down for a 60-Minute Total workout class. I will film the Boot Camp workout later this week, in the mean time this is an alternate Boot Camp workout for you.

Today’s workout will work your arms, abs, and butt. There are cardio bursts throughout the entire workout to amp up the fat/calorie burning of each round. It’s intense, so remember to always listen to your body.

I am joined by a very special guest during today’s workout. Lenny Boss, our website re-design guru (and my high school BFF), stepped out from behind the scenes and agreed to get on camera with me for a workout. Before the workout I gave him a few different options on workout format, and he chose the hardest variation. He wanted to push hard, and challenge his body in a new way, and he certainly did during today’s workout! When Lenny isn’t busy designing websites in his spare time, he plays Volleyball competitively, and does heavy weight lifting at the gym. This was a completely new challenge for him. Back in our high school days, Lenny and I were Swing Dancing partners. I shared the video on my page a while ago, but I am re-posting it below.

As the workout progressed, Lenny alternated cardio bursts with rest breaks, and focused on getting in maximum repetitions during each 50-second interval round. That was a perfect demonstration of listening to your body. Lenny is a very fit person, but this was a whole new challenge. His body isn’t used to the cardiovascular aspects of this style of workout. He is interested in incorporating this style of workout into his routine and seeing how long it takes him to get through a full boot camp workout with no rest breaks. I am going to emphasize the fact that taking a rest break doesn’t mean you aren’t fit! They are multiple types of fitness, and you can train your body to excel in a multitude of fitness areas.

It is a great reminder to focus on form and take breaks as needed. As long as you are pushing yourself, you are getting in a great workout!

I paired one round of this workout with a 5K race in the AM. Lenny paired one round of this workout with a shoulder workout at the gym. Have fun and let me know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook. I love seeing photos and check-ins of your workouts on Instagram so don’t forget to tag me: @BenderFitness #TeamBenderWorksOut #BenderFitness



Repeat 1-3X

Set your interval timer for 15 rounds of 30/50 seconds.

Equipment: Interval Timer & Dumbbells

*30 Second Cardio Burst Between Each Exercise.

  1. Warrior 3 Row: Right
  2. Warrior 3 Row: Left
  3. Side Lunge Lift: Right
  4. Side Lunge Lift: Left
  5. Hip Thrust
  6. Pushup Row: Right
  7. Pushup Row: Left
  8. Squat & Press
  9. Lunge & Curl: Right
  10. Lunge & Curle: Left
  11. Mountain Climbers
  12. Temple Tap Abs
  13. Leg/Hip Lift
  14. Side Plank Elbow Tap/Hip Lift: Right
  15. Side Plank Elbow Tap/Hip Lift: Left



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