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Lower Body & Core Shaping Workout with Cardio Bursts

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Hi Everyone!

It’s time for a brand new workout! For today’s workout all you need is a chair and 1-2 Dumbbells (optional). This workout combines timed exercises and repetitions. The goal is to create lean muscle, while also getting your heart rate up and burning fat.

This workout incorporates exercises for your lower body, arms, and core. Select a weight that is challenging for you. I used one 20-pound dumbbell, but you can use two dumbbells or change the weight to meet your needs. Select an amount of weight that is challenging for you, but also allows you to maintain  your form throughout each exercise.

I kept my reps on some of the exercises lower today, but be sure to select the range that is right (and challenging!) for you.

I hope you all like the workout!

Have fun,

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*Cardio Intervals: 3 Rounds of 10/50.

Beginner: 8-10 Reps
Intermediate: 10-15 Reps
Advanced: 15-20 Reps

*Cardio Burst: 3 Rounds of 10/50

-Jumping Jacks
-High Knees

  1. Warrior Split Squat-Right
  2. Warrior Split Squat-Left
  3. Reverse Lunge Press-Alternating
  4. Side Lunge-Right
  5. Side Lunge-Left

*Cardio Burst: 3 Rounds of 10/50

-Jumping Jacks
-High Knees

6. Sump Pushups
7. Leg/Hip Lift
8. Tick-Tock/Pendulum Abs
9. Superman
10. Reach Through Plank

*Cardio Burst: 3 Rounds of 10/50

-Jumping Jacks
-High Knees

Repeat 1-3X

Warrior Split Squat: Part 1

Warrior Split Squat: Part 2

Warrior Split Squat: Part 3

Alternating Lunge Press

Side Lunge: Part 1

Side Lunge: Part 2

Sumo Pushup: Part 1

Sumo Pushup: Part 2

Leg/Hip Lift: Part 1

Leg/Hip Lift: Part 2

Leg/Hip Lift: Part 3

Tick-Tock Abs: Part 1

Tick-Tock Abs: Part 2


Reach Through Plank

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