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Extended Plank Workout: Core Workout for Love Handles, Abs & Back

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time!

Today’s workout is focused on the core. It’s a challenging Plank Workout. If the variations of this workout are to intense you can try my 4-Minute Plank Workout.

In the video I did 30-seconds of plank for each pose. If you want a more intense workout you can extend the intervals to 60-seconds per pose. You also have the option of repeating this workout.

The variations I used in this workout will target your core from every angle: front, sides and back. As always, focus on using the correct form. I also included a cardio video below as an optional bonus burn. If you want to see more definition through your mid-section you need to combine strengthening with fat burning.

I paired the Extended Plank Workout with a 5-Mile Run outside. I enjoy combining core and cardio for maximum results. Have fun with today’s workout!



  1. Plank
  2. Side Plank-Right
  3. Star Side Plank-Right
  4. Reverse Plank
  5. Side Plank-Left
  6. Star Side Plank-Left
  7. Reverse Plank Lift-Right
  8. Reverse Plank Lift-Left
  9. Supergirl-Right
  10. Supergirl-Left
  11. Oblique Hold-Right
  12. Oblique Hold-Left

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30-Minutes of Cardio


Cardio Bonus Burn Option:

Max reps 50 seconds, 10 seconds rest. 

1. Cross Donkey Kick
2. Jump Rope (or Ropeless Jump)
3. Surfer Burpee
4. Jump Rope
5. Lunge Hop Switch
6. High Knees
7. Mountain Climber
8. High Knees
9. Russian Kicks
10. High Knees
11. Jump Kick (right)
12. Burpee
13. Jump Kick (left)
14. Burpee
15. Punching Side Lunge Hop


Side Plank

Star Side Plank

Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank Lift

Reverse Plank Lift

Supergirl Plank

Supergirl Plank

Oblique Hold

Oblique Hold

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