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Standing Lower Body Workout: 20 Minutes Real Time: No Equipment

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Hi Everyone!
Today’s workout is focused on the lower body and the core. The entire workout is completed in standing position. Cardio Bursts are incorporated throughout the workout to increase the intensity and fat burn.
As always, focus on form with each exercise. To achieve the maximum benefit you want to complete the movement in the full range of motion and with the appropriate body mechanics. If you aren’t sure if you’re doing a movement right ask a friend to look at your form, or take a photo of you doing an exercise so you can see your own form.
I still have a new workout to get posted for you tonight. I take a Ballet lesson once per week, and I had class last night. I didn’t have enough time to re-film the new workout. Darned technical difficulties! I will definitely be re-filming tonight, and I will get that workout up ASAP.
In the mean time have fun with this one!
I hope you enjoy today’s workout!
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Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 15 Rounds of 30/50. 
Cardio: Jump Rope, Rope-less Jumping or High Knees. 

1. Warrior III Squat (right)
2. Warrior III Squat (left)
3. Chair Twist
4. Sumo Squat
5. Twisting Sumo Squat (right)
6. Twisting Sump Squat (left)
7. Pendulum Squat
8. Warrior Heel Press (right)
9. Warrior Heel Press (left)
10. Forward/Backward Lunge (right)
11. Forward/Backward Lunge (left)
12. Side Lunge (right)
13. Side Lunge (left)
14. Goddess Reach
15. Chair Balance


Warrior 3 Squat 
Chair Twist
Sumo Squat 
Twisted Sumo Squat
Pendulum Squat
Warrior Heel Press
Forward/Backward Lunge
Side Lunge
Goddess Reach 
Chair Balance
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