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18 Minute Body Weight Workout: BenderFitness Glute Bender

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! Today’s workout takes 18-Minutes to complete one round. This is a full body workout with an emphasis on the glutes & thighs. During this workout I use a stability ball, but there are simple (and effective!) variations that can be done with no equipment.

Remember, there is always a way to modify a workout to suit your needs. It’s not about expensive equipment, you can challenge your body using body weight and/or items you already have around the house.

This workout can be repeat up to 3X, and can be performed as a HIIT workout (as I demonstrate in the video), or you can go for Repetitions. If you are doing more than one round, you can switch up the challenge by doing one round of HIIT & one round for reps.

Suggested Reps for each exercise:

Beginner: 10
Intermediate: 15
Advanced: 20

It is great for your body to mix up the challenge. Don’t be afraid to try something new! As always, you should preface your workout with a warm-up and finish with a cool-down and some gentle stretching. By warming up your body gets additional benefits & burn during the workout. The cool down allows your heart rate to come back to normal, and helps you maintain flexibility and decrease your chances of soreness and injury.

Have fun with today’s workout!


  1. Spiderman Plank-Right
  2. Spiderman Plank-Left
  3. Warrior III Squat-Right
  4. Warrior III Squat-Left
  5. Heel Tap Leg Lifts
  6. Leg Series-Right
  7. Leg Series-Left
  8. Ball Leg Lift
  9. Ball V-Lift
  10. Butt Lift
  11. Butt V-Lift
  12. Plie Jumps
  13. Squatting Side Leg Lift-Right
  14. Squatting Side Leg Lift-Left
  15. Wall Sit Leg Lift-Right
  16. Wall Sit Leg Lift-Left
  17. Side Plank Drop-Right
  18. Side Plank Drop-Left

Repeat 1-3X

Spider Man Plank: Part 1

Spider Man Plank: Part 2

Warrior III Squat: Part 1


Warrior III Squat: Part 2

Heel Tap Leg Lifts

Leg Series: Part 1

Leg Series: Part 2

Ball Leg Lift-Body Weight Modification

Ball Leg Lift

Ball Leg Lift: Part 2

Ball V-Lift

Ball Leg Lift: Part 2

Butt Lift

Butt V-Lift

Butt V-Lift-Body Weight Modification

Plie Jump: Part 1

Plie Jump: Part 2

Squatting Side Leg Lift: Part 1

Squatting Side Leg Lift: Part 2

Wall Sit Leg Lift

Wall Sit Leg Lift

Side Plank Hip Drop: Part 1

Side Plank Hip Drop: Part 2

All Done! Ready for Round 2?

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