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15 Minute Standing Ab Workout: No Crunch Core Exercises

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! By popular request I have a new Standing Ab Workout. All you need for this workout is a dumbbell or free weight. You can also perform the exercises with bodyweight only, but the additional challenge of the weights will increase the workout intensity.

When people think of exercises for the mid-section, traditional crunches often come to mind. There is a whole other world of core exercises out there! A stronger core will improve your balance, posture, and form during exercise (and throughout life!)

As usual with my workouts, we are still incorporating some strengthening for the legs, glutes and arms, but the main focus is on creating a tighter & stronger tummy!

I have a several other standing workouts. Many people can’t get down on the floor due to injury, workout location, or preference. You can find more standing workouts here:

I hope you all enjoy this workout! If you want to really increase the intensity you can add 30-50 seconds of high knees or jump rope between each exercise to increase the burn.

Have fun!

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Set your Interval Timer for 15 Rounds of 10/50.

  1. Extended Toe Touch-Right
  2. Extended Toe Touch-Left
  3. Weighted Core Rotation
  4. Oblique to Flat Back Reach-Right
  5. Oblique to Flat Back Reach-Left
  6. Sumo Knee Twist-Right
  7. Sumo Knee Twist-Left
  8. Warrior III Balance Crunch-Right
  9. Warrior III Balance Crunch-Left
  10. Leg Extension Stretch-Right
  11. Leg Extension Stretch-Left
  12. Sweeping Lunges-Right
  13. Sweeping Lunges-Left
  14. Chair Twist-Right
  15. Chair Twist-Left

Repeat 1-4X

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