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15 Minute Cardio Sweat: HIIT Body Weight Workout

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Hi Everyone!
I have a throwback workout for you today! Today’s workout is body weight only, and doesn’t use any equipment. That doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging! This is a great workout for burning fat, while simultaneously building lean muscle mass.
Remember to push yourself during each interval. Challenge yourself to keep going and push for extra reps. The challenge is what makes you stronger! If you need to rest that’s okay too, just get back into it as soon as you are able. If you stick with it you will be pushing through for the extra rep, or the extra round.
Have fun with today’s workout!


Max Reps 50 seconds, 10 seconds rest between exercises

1. Mountain Climbers
2. Jump Squats
3. High Knees
4. Lunge Jumps
5. Russians
6. High Knees
7. Frogger
8. Plie Jumps
9. High Knees
10. Hip Thrust (right)
11. Hip Thrust (left)
12. High Knees
13. Pendulum Hop
14. Burpee
15. High Knees

Repeat 1-3X

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