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BodyRock BootCamp: Week 9: Plank, Push-Up & Burpee Burn

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Hi Everyone!

This is workout #9 of my 10-Week workout series! Only one week left! I’ve enjoyed sharing these workouts with you, and I hope you’re enjoying them.

Today’s workout is challenging. Every other exercise is a 30-second Burpee cardio burst. If the burpees become to intense you can substitute an alternate cardio burst.

Burpees are tough, but they are worth the effort. They are a full body exercise, that requires strength, control, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. I do the full Burpee with pushup, but you can also complete the movement with a plank. Remember, there is always a way to modify!

Planks and pushups are some of the best exercises you can do for your core. Remember, to keep your core strong and engaged throughout each movement. This will help you maintain form, while engaging your transverse abdominal muscles. I hope you enjoy the challenge of this workout.

I took last week off of filming new workouts. I lost a friend in a car accident and I needed some time off. I just wasn’t motivated to workout or be on camera. I will be getting back to my normal routine this week, so there will be new workouts. Thank you to everyone who sent prayers and positive thoughts for my friend, and my family. It is much appreciated, and made me smile during a tough time. As always I appreciate your support.


Set your Interval Timer for 9 rounds of 30/50.

*30-Seconds of Burpees in between each exercise. You can also substitute High Knees or Jump Rope for the cardio burst if the Burpees become to intense.

  1. Knee Drop Plank
  2. Almost-Handstand Pushups
  3. Cheek to Cheek
  4. Superman Pushup
  5. Heel Press Plank
  6. Oblique Pushup
  7. Plank Jack
  8. Camel Pushup
  9. Down Dog Plank Press

Repeat 1-4X

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