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BodyRock BootCamp: Week 6 Workout Schedule

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Hi Everyone!

This is the schedule for Week 6 of my BodyRock BootCamp Workout Series. I am getting back to posting workouts on my regular schedule this week. I ran a Half Marathon today in downtown Pittsburgh & followed it up with my second time Sky Diving. It’s been a busy weekend!

There will be new workouts this week, so be sure to check back.

In the mean time you can follow along with this week’s workout schedule! I included some of my favorite workouts in this week’s schedule. Remember, always listen to your body. If you need more rest days that’s okay! It is important to build at your own pace. You can also choose to follow along with the new workouts I will be posting this week!

Have fun with the workouts! You can click on the workout title for the full breakdown, or follow along with the videos below.


Day 1: 15 Minute Cardio Sweat: Repeat 1-3X

Day 2: Improve Your Rear View Workout: Repeat 1-2X

Day 3: 20 Minute Abs & Arms Workout: Repeat 1-3X

Day 4: Strength & Stretch Yoga or Active Rest Day

Day 5: BodyRock BootCamp: Week 6: Repeat 1-4X

Day 6: Back Strength & Stretch: Repeat 1-4X or Active Rest Day

Day 7: Burpee Body Burn HIIT: 19 Minutes: Repeat 1-3X


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