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Track Workout for Speed and Endurance: Goal Race Pace Memorization

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Do you want to improve your Speed and Endurance? This workout will help you do both! 

Here’s the breakdown:

Warm-Up: 2.5 Miles at an Easy Pace

400 Meter Repeats (X2)

800 Meter Repeats (X4)

*All Repeats should be done at desired Race Pace.

*The first time trying this workout keep rest between each repeat equal to time running. As you progress you can shorten the time of rest to increase intensity. 

Cool-Down: 2.5 Miles at an Easy Pace

Total Miles: 7.5 

Miles at Race Pace: 2.5

If you are running at a standard sized track 1 Lap=400 Meters. 

The goal of this workout is to train your body to work at race pace. You want to memorize what that pace feels like while also building the endurance to handle your desired race distance. Try to complete this workout without music or distraction. Focus on the movements of your body, your breathing, and running form (I call this Flow State). Learn to lock into the pace that you are training to achieve at your next race. 

Learning how to pace yourself is one of the most important aspects of racing. This workout isn’t about pushing as hard as you can for each repeat, it’s about pushing yourself while maintaining a specific pace. 

I will be sharing some harder VO2 Max workouts soon to help improve speed and endurance.  

My breakdown for this workout is below

Remember to always adjust for your own pace/goals. 

Goal Pace: 7 Minute-Mile Average

400: 1:45 (minutes:seconds)

800: 3:30

Warm-up: 2.65 Miles (easy pace-road running)

1. 400: 1:37 (6:27 pace)

-equal rest (1:37)

2. 400: 1:36 (6:26 pace)

-equal rest

3. 800: 3:25 (6:43 pace)

-2:30 rest

4. 800: 3:26 (6:43 pace)

-2:30 rest

5. 800: 3:29 (7:00 pace)

-2:30 rest

6. 800: 3:29 (7:00 pace)

Cool-down: 2.48 Miles (easy pace-road running)

Total distance: 7.63 Miles

I was slightly ahead of my goal pace until the last two 800 repeats, which I was able to hit at goal. I am excited to repeat and progress this workout in the future. 

Have fun with this one, and pay attention to what your body is telling you! You can adjust your goals as your training progresses. 

Melissa and Jesse

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