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No Excuses! 5 Techniques to Get You Running When You Aren’t In the Mood

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Hi Everyone!

As the winter draws to a close (hopefully!) I find myself saying “I can’t wait for it to be sunny! I just want to RUN!” 

The truth is there doesn’t have to be sunshine to get in a run. I have run in snow, rain, freezing temperatures and blistering heat. This winter has been particularly harsh and cold where we live. It has kept me inside more times than I would like to admit to. 

It is time to run. No more excuses. 

I already have two 5Ks on my agenda in the upcoming months, and I would like to add at least two more. I would also like to repeat the Half Marathon I did last year, and improve my time. That means I need to be consistent with my training. 

Consistency is the key to running more efficiently, faster, and healthier. You also need the right training. 

Here are some techniques to get moving when you aren’t in the mood:

1. Schedule Runs with Friends. This will keep you accountable and more likely to stick with the planned run. 

2. Dress Appropriately for the Weather. In winter this means layers. You should have a sweat wicking layer against your skin, and additional layers over that. Wear a hat and gloves. Don’t forget your feet. Running shoes aren’t known for being warm. I have come home with frozen toes when I didn’t wear thick enough socks in winter. 

In the summer don’t try to go out running in a rubber suit. It won’t help you lose fat. It can help speed your toward heat stroke. 

Either way your run will go better (and thus be more likely to be repeated) if you are dressed appropriately. 

3. Set Goals. You can set a goal for weekly mileage, or a certain number of minutes of running per week. You can aim to run a certain number of days per week. Mark it on a calendar or in a journal where you can see your goals, and keep track of it. Having a visual record can motivate you to get in your planned workouts. 

4. Pick a Race to Train For. Whether you are a race pro or training for your first event, having something to train for can be very motivating. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to set a new PR or make it through the entire race without stopping. Goals are motivating. They give you a reason to get moving and keep moving. 

Racing is becoming more and more popular and there are a lot of fun runs out there you can do! I am doing a Super Hero 5K with one of my friends from work. My friend, Rose, from My Change for a Ten chose a Prom Run themed 5K as her first ever race. 

If you recruit your friends to do the run with you you have built in training partners to help keep you motivated. 

5. Make a Great Playlist. Sometimes I run with music, and sometimes I prefer to focus meditative/flow running. (I will write about that in another post). A great playlist can definitely motivate and get me moving. 

 The first song I heard during my first Half Marathon was Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, and the last song I heard was Work Bit** by Britney Spears and I still get that same energy I had during the race when those songs come on. 

What’s on your playlist? I asked this question on Facebook recently and was able to update my playlist to include a lot of new songs to keep me moving!

What Techniques do you use to Get Motivated? Let me know in the comments below or you can find me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter!

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