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5 Minute Core Workout for Runners: Cross Training for Runners

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If you’re a runner, you have probably heard that core exercise will make you a better runner. 

Strengthening your core improves your running form and efficiency. Additionally, you are supporting your spine and lower back, which maintains the biomechanical alignment of your pelvis. Appropriately aligning your pelvis reduces pressure on your knees and joints during running, and can help prevent injuries. 

A strong back also helps maintain spinal alignment during your runs, which leads to improved breathing and blood oxygenation as you fatigue. If you find yourself hunching, or leaning forward during the later miles of your running, you are decreasing your lung’s capacity to take in oxygen. 

 This workout is quick and can be done pre-and/or-post run. Have fun, and keep that core strong!


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Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 5 rounds of 10/50.  

1. Mountain Climber

2. Heel Tap Abs

3. Single Leg Pushup

4. Bicycle

5. V-Ups

Repeat 1-5X

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